25 Elmwood Avenue

Circa 1845


By Joe Haun

This building was originally two-and-one-half stories when it was built circa 1845. Catherine Fleming was the founder of a boarding and day school later called the Worcester School for Girls after she married Reverend John H. Worcester in 1851. The school operated from 1845 until 1870. The school was located at 25 Elmwood Avenue by 1855 and remained there until it closed in 1870. John and Catherine remained here until there deaths in 1897 and 1901, respectively.(1)

In 1909 the roof was raised to three-and-one-half stories and the two-story porch on the front façade was added in 1911.(2) Since the Worcesters passed away, the building has served as a boarding house and apartments. In the 1920's it was the New Elmwood Hotel and during Mrs. Lillian J. Smith's management in the 1930's, it was Smith's Inn.(3) Carl F. Robinson bought the building, and had renovated it into twenty, two-bedroom apartments in 1940, which remain today.(4)

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