248 North Street

The Arnold Harness Shop, Late 1840s


By Jeff Fellinger

This building was originally of a simple, gable-end entry, "workers" style. However, the main floor, at least, has consistently been used as a commercial space since its construction. It served as the Arnold's harness shop from approximately 1870 through 1900. In about 1905 two additions were made: a gambrel, Dutch, period revival front entry addition, and a rear wing. In 1912 the space served as a vacuum cleaner shop. By 1912 it housed a cobbler. A 1940 McAllister photo shows that shoes and boots remained the goods of sale up through the middle 1900s. A "Brockton Shoe Store" was located here in 1940. Endicott Johnson and Abraham Baker were the proprietors 1.

Circa 1940 the rear wing was removed and a staircase was built to a rear, second floor entrance. The upstairs is an apartment, and the downstairs commercial space is presently vacant. The building received a cosmetic facelift within the past five years.

1. Burlington Directory, 1940.