218 North Street

Arnold House, Around 1850


By Jeff Fellinger

This structure uses wood-frame construction to achieve its Greek Revival style. It is a tall 1 1/2 stories and mimics the general proportions of the more classic Greek Revival examples.

Previous research places a circa of 1866 on this property 1. Scrutiny of the Presdee and Edwards map, however, shows that there was a structure on this site prior to 1853. Wyllys Lyman, who owned much property in this area in the early 1800s, is back-referenced to have sold a Mr. Brunelle this property in 1865 2. Mr. Brunelle was a teamster 3. In that same year John Arnold purchased the property, and the deed mentions "a dwelling house thereon." Robert Arnold, John's son, who worked as a saddler, took ownership of the property in 1881. He and his son, Henry (see 244 ­248 North St.), in this era of horse-drawn power, were prominent figures on this block during the second half of the 19th century. The property stayed in the family through 1912.

This building has been heavily altered over the years. The original form still shows though on the front façade, but a series of additions on the rear dwarf and partially swallow the original structure. A new entryway, new siding, and new windows have all been added within the past two decades. The structure now houses multiple apartments.

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