161 North Union Street

Around 1850


By Jeff Fellinger

This structure began as a simple, worker's dwelling. Unilke most of the other dwellings of its type, the entrance was located on the eave face, not at the gable end. By 1889, however, the structure had been substantially altered by major wing additions off either side of the original block 1. These additions most likely served to transform the house into a duplex. The transition from original foundation to addition foundation is easily visable at the building's front. Small changes, such as porch additions and rear stairways, are the only changes that have been made since.

A Mr. Willam Powers owned the building in 1869, according to the Beers Atlas from that year. The next known reference is found where the Chittenden County Court of Chancery conveys the property to a Rodney Roby. Mr. Roby sold the property to Joseph Lauzon in 1883. Mr. Lauzon resided here until he died in March of 1909. He lived here with wife Ann and daughter Mary E., a stenographer. Mary took over ownership of the house and lived here until 1930.

The change in foundation composition between the original and the additions can be clearly seen at the front of the structure. The building continues to function as a duplex.

1. Sandborn Insurance map, 1889