157 North Union Street



By Jeff Fellinger

This house is an example of a simple, 1 1/2 story workers house. By 1889 a one-story addition was built off the rear wall of the main block. A front porch was added sometime between 1919 and 1926 1. The floor plan remained unchanged until about 1942 when the addition was expanded to the full width of the main block. Little has been altered since then except for new siding. Various outbuildings have been built and torn down over the years.

In1840 the property was conferred to A. Caroline Stacy by Asahel Stacy. Ms. (or Mr.) Stacy owned the property until 1866 and, presumably, the dwelling house was built during this period. Peter Lander purchased the property in 1866. He worked as a carter, and lived here from up until 1883. Various other Landers, wife, offspring, relations, resided here over this time period. From 1883 to 1907 a Michael McKenzie owned the house and land. He worked as a night watchman for the some facet of the government. Numerous owners follow the McKenzies (appendix 1). The house remains a single-family dwelling.

1. Sandborn Insurance map, 1926