14 Intervale Avenue

Gleason House, around 1850


By Jeff Fellinger

This modest, "workers" dwelling appears on the 1853 Presdee and Edwards map as a simple block shoved tightly against the roadway on a shared plot with 208 North Street. By the time the property is included on a Sandborn Insurance Map in 1889, two additions have been made to the rear. The rearmost, an odd, two story, triangular garage. The middle addition served to connect the latter with the main house. These additions were probably built around 1880.

The first known owner of the property was Patrick Farrall and he is thought to have built the original structure. The property was purchased by Catherine Cannon at public auction in 1867 1, and then bought by John Gleason, who lived here from 1873 till at least 1900. Mr. Gleason worked as a driver for the Van Ness House, a prominent hotel in Burlington, for much of the time he lived at this address. Perhaps the garage was built to house the vehicles Mr. Gleason drove.

The 1939 McAllister photo shows a small cement stair descending from the front entrance. A shed roof was added to the connecting shed c.1942. Substantial cosmetic alterations have been made to this simple, worker's dwelling house in recent decades ­ vinyl siding, new windows, brick skirting, and a brick built-in fireplace and display assemblage on the interior. A massive chimney has been added to the south façade, as well. A front entry porch was added around 1980. But for the most part, this dwelling has retained its original form.

14 Intervale is now a rental property.

An inspection of the basement (the small portion left unfinished) on Oct. 29, 2001 revealed sash sawn joists and sub-floor boards, and a hand hewn support beam. These help indicate the building's suspected pre-1850 vintage.

1. Burlington City Land Records, vol. 3 pg. 210, 1867