418 North Street

circa 1840s


By Christian C. Carey


This two and a half story three by two bay wood framed Greek Revival house sits as an eaves front orientation to North Street. The South façade and entrance faces North Street. The house is a rectangular volume and is capped by a gable roof and gable returns terminate the eave line at the gable ends. The roof is crowned with a two by two bay cupola which has a hipped pyramidal roof. The entrance is centrally located in the south façade and columns support a second story one by two bay window. The house sits on a stone foundation and is believed to have been very ornate at one time. (1) Stylistically this house dates to the 1840's and appears on the 1853 map of Burlington. Strangely, there is no evidence to support its use until it appears on an 1890 map as the location "Steam Stone Cutter Company". There is no such evidence listed in the Burlington city business directory. (1) Although the house is believed to have been changed many times, it is a good example of the neighborhood homes and their diversity of the upper North Street neighborhood.

1. Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, Vermont Historic Site s and Structures Survey. Burlington, 1990.