406 North Street

circa 1850s


By Christian C. Carey

This house is a two and one half story rectangular Greek Revival brick volume capped by a gable roof. The house sits on a stone foundation. The first story has two one over one sash double hung windows. The entrance is located to the eastern edge of the façade. A full pediment gable portico covers the entrance and is supported with cast iron column supports. The second story windows align with the windows below. The second floor windows proportions are not as tall as the first floor and appear to have been replaced. (signs of brick infill suggest windows are not original) The windows on the first floor have wood sills and the second floor windows have brick sills. Common to all windows are flat arch brick lintels. Above the second story windows in the gable end is a louvered vent with a brick gabled lintel typical of brick houses constructed during this period. The gable overhang is composed of Greek Revival moldings, returns terminate the eaves at the gable end. This house is in an excellent state of preservation and contributes significantly to the neighborhood as a typical example of Greek Revival style being constructed in this Burlington neighborhood.

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