20 North Williams Street

Henry Loomis Stable,circa 1844


By Christian C. Carey

This house is a two and a half Colonial Revival brick rectangular volume capped with a gable roof and is set back from North Williams Street. A one by one bay gabled roof portico shelters the first story entrance. The house faces south to North Williams Street and a wood frame garage has been added to the North façade.

The house was built circa 1844, about the same time as the Loomis-Van Patten house at 380 Pearl Street. The houses original function was a horse stable for the Loomis ­Van Patten house. In 1924, it was remodeled into a colonial revival house. (1) The renovation /conversion was made by Clarence White. (1) The house makes a significant contribution and is a well preserved example of a renovated Colonial Revival

1. Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, Vermont Historic Site s and Structures Survey. Burlington, 1990.