Alan K. Howe

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacology &

University of Vermont Cancer Center


  • Ph.D., Tumor Cell Biology, Northwestern University, 1996
  • Postdoctoral fellowship, UNC - Chapel Hill, 1996-2003
  • University of Vermont Dept. of Pharmacology, 2003-Present

Hannah Naughton

Doctoral Student, CMB Program


Current project: Analysis of PKA activity & identification of PKA substrates within focal adhesions

Zoe Edmunds



Current projects: Role of ADORA2B in localized PKA activation during migration; regulation of ovarian cancer cell motility by ECM rigidity

Johnathan Patterson



Current projects: Role of ADORA2B in localized PKA activation during migration; traction force microscopy during ovarian cancer cell migration

Solamz Karimi

Masters Student, Pharmacology Department


Current projects: Mechanical regulation of ovarian cancer cell morphology and motility

Past Members
Laura Director (Masters Student) Currently, 2nd Yr Medical Student at UVM
Su Newberry (Technician) Okay, this is really Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, but the resemblance is pretty darn good
Andy McKenzie (Doctoral Student) Currently, Program Lead at Sarah Cannon Research Institute
Steph Hicks (Technician) Currently, Masters Student in Genetic Counseling Program, UC-Denver
Austin Merrill (Honors Undergrad) Consultant for local biotech investment company
Marissa Marzano (Undergrad) Clinical Research Coordinator at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Shirley Campbell (Postdoc Fellow) Lab Manager, Claing Laboratory, Université de Montréal
Sonia Shaffique (Undergrad) Dental School, Tufts University
Paula Deming (Postdoc Fellow) Endowed Professor of Health Sciences & Interim Chair, MLRS Department, UVM
Bobby Rivard (Technician) Emergency Medicine Resident, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN
Jamie Stone (Technician) Nurse Practitioner, Washington Fertility Center, Washington D.C.
Caitlin Russell (Honors Undergrad) Clinical Research Coordinator, Massachusetts General Hospital
Nivedita Shankar (Technician) Research Assistant, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, Natl. Univ. Singapore
Alison Mercier (Undergrad) 4th Yr Medical Student, UVM
Ying Ruan (Masters Student) Clinical Technologist at Children's Hospital Boston
Monique Birger (Graduate Student) Off doing bigger & better things (we hope!)
Linda Baldor (Technician, Lab Manager & so much more) 10/26/63 - 01/12/12 We miss you, Linda...