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Coffee plant care

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Coffee plants and their care                 


  • Mold on your soil? Don't worry... this is harmless to the plant... just scrape it off. The mold is growing on the organic cotton seed meal fertilizer that we applied to the surface of the potting mix.
  • Little black flies? This means you are over-watering your plant. Let the soil dry out between waterings.


  • Watering: water your plant when the surface of the potting mix gets dry (probably once or twice a week). Do not let your plant sit in water in the saucer. It is best to take the plant to the sink, water it, let it drain and then return to saucer.
  • Light: put your plant near a bright window (east, south or west facing) or under a fluorescent light. Do not put outside in direct sunlight or the leaves will burn.
  • Fertilizing: fish or seaweed (organic); or 10:10:10 (inorganic) fertilizer twice a year (in March and September) following directions on the label.
  • Repotting: after 6 months repot into a 6" pot. The UVM Horticulture Club will sponsor a repotting session in late spring '07 (check the calendar for the date).
  • Pest Control: coffee plants typically only have problems with mealybugs.


Generally these can be controlled with soapy water, rubbing alcohol or pyrethrum.
If you think you have a problem, email the Horticulture Club at



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