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About the Horticulture Club

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About the Horticulture Club

This organization was founded in 1997 to bring together students  interested in horticulture so that they may  increase knowledge for themselves and others in the community.
Our activities are open to all students, from those who have no knowledge of plants to those who are majors in plant and soil science.  We also intend to extend our activities to students who are interested but may not be able to make long term commitments to our club.  So if there is an event you are interested in, we invite you to e-mail us about it!  Furthermore, we also encourage students to give us any ideas on activities we could do in the future.  The club is small and designed to be tailored towards the members!
We participate in a number of activities annually including: volunteer work, such as forcing bulbs into bloom and sending to local nursing homes; attending presentations, such as bonsai tree workshops and flower arranging seminars; going on field trips to such places as the Montreal Botanical Gardens, and fundraisers, such as selling house plants during move-in weekend.  We also plant and maintain the gardens located on the south side of the Hills Building.  Feel free to stop and smell the flowers! 

We encourage all who are interested in attending a meeting to get in touch with us through e-mail by writing to

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