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The Honors College

The University of Vermont Honors College offers talented and committed students the intellectual opportunity of a lifetime.

A residential college enrolling some of the most capable students from the full spectrum of academic programs at the University of Vermont, the Honors College provides students a rigorous, multi-disciplinary academic challenge that complements and enriches the entire undergraduate experience.

Top Honors College News

Nathan Gasek undergraduate research Beckman Scholar

April 02, 2015

UVM Students’ Research Supported by Beckman Scholars Program

Nationwide, there are only 61 undergraduates who are part of the prestigious Beckman Scholars Program. At the University of Vermont, there will soon be five.

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March 25, 2015

Gender, Raves and the Space of Muffins

Even after taking a class called The Pursuit of Knowledge my first semester in the Honors College, registering for a spring class called Gender and the Space of Knowing still seemed pretty daunting. “What could ‘the space of knowing’ even mean?” I remember asking my roommate Genevieve, who had also signed up. “And how ...

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Caroline Pisinski at Burlington's Waterfront

February 13, 2015

"The True Rewards of Being in the Honors College"

There are certain perks to being in the Honors College that are—figuratively and literally–concrete. Most people coming into the college are told about the multitude of academic benefits and the residence hall. The Honors College res hall, University Heights North, is one of the newest on campus. Not only do you have private ...

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