Interim Dean Schnell's Message:

Lisa Schnell

On January 15 this year, two Honors College seniors and an Honors College alum from the class of 2012 visited the Class of '18 Honors College students in our first Thursday night plenary of the spring semester. Ben Teasdale '15, Emily Howe '15, and Jen Kaulius '12 were there to talk with our first-year students about Four-Year Plan for Career Success , something that had, in fact, not been in place at UVM when they began their undergrad careers and, in the case of Jen, not even when she completed her degree. Our hope was to "demystify" the plan a bit-"see, you can be really successful even without these check lists!"-but also to show how Ben, Emily, and Jen had actually done much of what is on the lists, and therefore how incredibly helpful it is to have that inventory check sheet as a kind of roadmap. Standing at the front of Billings Lecture Hall, the checklists for all four years projected on the big screen behind them, all three students were-as so many of our students are-inspiring and down-to-earth, completely unintimidating and yet very accomplished at the same time. Mission accomplished, I thought.