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Welcome Crew at U Hgts North

Sunny skies. Mild temperatures. Light breezes. Gangs of smiling upper-class Honors College students mobbing cars to help first-year students unload suitcases, ironing boards and mini-refrigerators.

It would be easy to understand if members of the Honors College Class of 2013 arriving for move-in day at University Heights North on Friday, August 28, 2009 thought they took a wrong turn off I-89 and instead of ending up at the University of Vermont they ended up in heaven.

It wasn't quite heaven, but move-in day for the incoming first year students was smooth, well-organized and welcoming. Students started arriving with parents and U-Hauls in tow as early as 7:30 in the morning, and they were greeted by their residential staff and 30 Honors College sophomores, juniors and seniors that came back to campus early in order to help their younger classmates get settled in. By 11 a.m., vehicles were lined up almost to Main Street, but Honors College students, parents and staff teamed up to unload the oncoming cars with NASCAR-like efficiency.

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Fall 09 HC Welcome Fall 09 HC Welcome