Knit Wits at U Hgts North

By Cait Bjellquist, HC Student Leadership Coordinator

Knitting is back in a big way! While the Honors College houses students of many different backgrounds and interests, for the past few years it's seen a growing number of knitting enthusiasts. By popular demand a new group was formed called The Knit Wits, with a rotating group of five to six students meeting weekly to embrace the Honors College's newfound knitting solidarity.

Yarn & needles

The group met Sunday nights during the fall semester for a movie, snacks and most importantly - knitting! Members come with varying knitting experience from 'never seen a needle' to 'could knit in my sleep', all hoping to share techniques, stitches, and patterns. Projects have included a colorful display of wrist warmers, scarves, boots, hats, sweaters, cozies, and cell phone holders.

While the group has spent the last few months working to recruit experienced and novice knitters, the spring will focus on member selected special projects. The Knit Wits are currently in the process of selecting a charity to knit for, and are planning a guerrilla-knitting event. Without spoiling the event, guerrilla knitting is essentially covering anything with knitwear quickly and discreetly. The idea is to cause mass confusion, but also highlight the beauty that is this handicraft. So as Vermont begins to feel that cold winter air blowing, consider joining the Knit Wits on Sundays to keep warm!