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Summer 2015 "Global Health, Development and Diversity"

Past Faculty Seminars

Given that the Honors College draws its students and faculty members from across the University, it seems appropriate for it to bring together the University's faculty members for annual seminars to discuss matters of mutual interest so as to spur further collaboration and increase collegiality. Former Provost John Bramley expressed this goal at the time of the first faculty seminar, that of "bringing faculty together and creating a truly cross disciplinary culture at UVM." The faculty seminars held since 2004 have achieved these goals in different ways, but they have all been memorable experiences that share some structural similarities.

Structure of the Seminars

With the experience of the past years, the Honors College has developed a practical framework and guidelines that help to support the success of the faculty seminar:

  • A three-day, end-of-summer format: typically held on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the third week of August.  Meeting outside of the academic year in this manageable block of time allows participants the freedom from their usual routines to focus on the seminar's topics.
  • Follow-up meetings during the ensuing academic year as is appropriate.
  • An application process in which a call for participation goes out in early spring, applications are received by April, and reading materials are distributed to participants in June.
  • An online survey that is administered immediately following the seminar.
  • An optimal size of about 20 participants.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks on all three days to encourage discussion, with a dinner on the final day hosted by the President and Provost at Englesby House to celebrate the seminar's accomplishments.
  • All these administrative details are coordinated by the Honors College.

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