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Program Information

The Fulbright U.S. Student program seeks to identify and financially support students who are interested in a year-long intellectual and cultural exchange abroad. Fulbright Grants are awarded for either post-graduate research and study in universities or for English teaching assistantships. They provide round-trip transportation, tuition, books and living expenses for one academic year, usually in one country. There are grants available to more than 150 countries in Europe, the Near East, Africa, Central and South America, and the Asia/Pacific region. Grants are also available in some countries for work in the creative and performing arts. There are two types of Fulbright grants available:

Fulbright Study/Research Grants: Independent research grants are available for students interested in further pursuing their research interests abroad. Research projects can be in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, or can be a creative project in the arts. Fulbright offers yearlong grant opportunities in over 150 different countries. Grants can also be used to cover a year of graduate study abroad.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships: Fulbright offers yearlong opportunities to teach English as a second language in over 55 countries. English teaching assistants also have the opportunity to take language classes and/or conduct a smaller independent research project while abroad. If you want to have the chance to travel, do something good while you're abroad and be financially supported while doing so then Fulbright may be an excellent opportunity for you. Fulbright Grants are available to all undergraduate and graduate students regardless of language fluency, degree or teaching experience.

Important Fulbright Application Dates

May 2, 2014: Fulbright application goes live on the Fulbright website
August 28, 2014: Deadline to declare intent to apply for a Fulbright Grant, 12 p.m. EDT. Download Fulbright Intent to Apply form.
September 15, 2014: Campus deadline for Fulbright applicants. All applicants must submit their application online by 11:59 p.m. EDT.
September 19-27, 2014: On-campus Fulbright interviews (interviews for students not on campus will take place on Skype)
September 27: Applications submitted back to applicants for final revisions
October 14: Online application must be submitted on Fulbright U.S. Student Program website by 5 p.m. EDT.


In order to be eligible for a Fulbright, you must be:

  • A U.S. citizen by November 1
  • Recipient of a bachelor's degree before the beginning date of the grant
  • In good health

Before You Start Your Fulbright Application, You Should Know...

...Fulbright is essentially 150 programs within one program. You are allowed to choose one country to apply to, and each country has different academic and personal qualities that they look for in applicants. Be sure to read each country summary carefully and think critically about if and how your background, interests, project idea and future goals fit into what the country is looking for. This can sometimes make for a complicated and often confusing application process. Try not to let the complications discourage you.

Here are some tips:

  • Once you've begun looking through either the brochure or the website, you will soon realize that the Fulbright differs tremendously from country to country. In some places, like France and the UK, the Fulbright is incredibly competitive, and it is virtually impossible for anyone other than a top graduate student pursuing dissertation research to win a Fulbright in those countries. In other places, a comparatively high percentage (20-30%) of applicants receive grants.
  • Candidates are usually expected to have some degree of language proficiency appropriate to their projects, but specific language requirements vary tremendously from country to country, and within one country, from project to project. Many positions teaching English assume no preexisting knowledge of the host-country's language.
  • All regular Fulbright grants (i.e., all except TA-ships) require candidates to have an institutional affiliation during their time abroad. In most cases, you will have to arrange this affiliation in advance. Faculty in your major department or in a related language department can help you learn more about appropriate places to seek affiliation. You will then need to write (probably email) individuals at that institution, seeking their sponsorship. Save this correspondence to use as supporting documentation.
  • Most graduating seniors seeking a regular Fulbright grant will be attending university lectures, supplemented by independent work. You should not necessarily expect close supervision from your faculty sponsor.
  • Perhaps the easiest way for a graduating senior to win a Fulbright is to apply to teach English as a Fulbright TA in one of several different countries. No specific teaching experience is required, although previous work as a TA or in some other similar capacity can help you write a stronger application. Although teaching takes up the bulk of your working time (and the bulk of your application), you are encouraged to develop a "secondary project" to work on during your time abroad.
  • Bear in mind that the purpose of the Fulbright is to promote international understanding. Your ability to serve as a good informal ambassador of the US is as important as your intellectual and academic credentials.

Application Process

ALL STUDENTS must declare their intent to apply for a Fulbright Grant by August 28, 2014 at noon. Download Fulbright Intent to Apply form here, and either e-mail the form to UVM's Fellowships Director or submit it in person to 17a University Heights North. In addition, students applying for a Fulbright are strongly encouraged to meet with UVM's Fellowships Director Aimee Hutton at least once before the internal application deadline

Internal Application

All application materials must be submitted for the UVM Campus Deadline, including letters of recommendation. Submission Instructions:
1. Complete the online application form. Fulbright applications are available on the U.S. Student Program website, and are always available beginning May 1.
2. Make sure everything is uploaded into your application, including all essays, affiliation letters, transcripts, letters of recommendation and language evaluations.
3. Hit "Submit" by the campus deadline. (The third step is perhaps the most important part. When you hit submit your application goes to UVM's Fellowships Advising Office (not to Fulbright), and this enables the Fellowships Coordinator to distribute your application to the Fellowships Committee. So be sure to complete this step).

On the basis of this application, you will be interviewed by the Fellowships Committee on campus in late September. After the on-campus interview, the Committee will complete a Campus Evaluation Form, which will be submitted to the Fulbright Commission. You will also receive some feedback on your application and have a short time period in which to revise materials for your final application. The better and more polished your initial application, the likelier you are to have a strong interview, a strong Committee Evaluation, and the strongest possible final application.

External Stage: Final application must be submitted online by the external deadline .

Notification Process

At the end of January, applicants learn whether the central screening committee has recommended them. Recommended students' applications are then sent on to individual countries, where the final decisions are made regarding awarding of grants. Timetables vary greatly from country to country.

For More Information

Visit the official Fulbright website.

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