University of Vermont

The Honors College

Arts & Sciences Distribution Requirements

Fall 2012
Class Professor A&S Category
HCOL 185A: D1: African Americans in the US Economy Elaine McCrate Social Science
HCOL 185B: Ancient Worlds in the Media Scott VanKeuren CAS Credit - No distribution credit
HCOL 185C: Fate, Free Will and Determinism Randall Harp Humanities
HCOL 185D: Global Gender Inequality Caroline Beer Social Science
HCOL 185E: The Democratic Citizen Robert Taylor Humanities
HCOL 185F: Germany Since 1945: Memory and Cold War Susanna Schrafstetter Humanities
HCOL 185G: Ancient Warfare Gaming Workshop John Franklin Humanities
HCOL 185H: Sports Nutrition Robert Tyzbir No CAS credit
HCOL 186I:Complexity, Climate Change & Human Systems Brian Beckage CAS credit - No distribution credit
HCOL 185K: Discovering Sense of Place Jeffrey Hughes No CAS credit
HCOL 185L: Sex, Fear & Anxiety Jane Hill CAS credit - No distribution credit
HCOL 185M: Returns From the Land Rocki DeWitt No CAS credit
HCOL 185N: Exercise: Science, Application & Policy Brian Reed No CAS credit
HCOL 185P: The Politics of Culture in Late Modernity Patrick Hutton Humanities

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