University of Vermont

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Honors College Theses, 2011-2012

CAS = College of Arts & Sciences; CALS = College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; CEMS = College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences; CESS - College of Education and Social Services; BSAD = School of Business Administration; CNHS = College of Nursing and Health Sciences; and RSENR = Rubenstain School of Environmental and Natural Resources.

Student Thesis/Project Title
Olivia Amter - CAS An Open-Door Policy for a Changing Argentina: Passing the National Immigration Law
Emily Andersen - CALS The Impact of Social Isolation on the Anxiolytic Effects of Voluntary Exercise in C57 Mice
Mary Jane Anderson - RSENR Safe Space and a Sense of Place: A Plan for Fostering an Inclusive Community at the University of Vermont's GreenHouse Residential Learning Community
Krist Aploks - CAS Thyroid Hormone Receptor Protein Complex Formation Mediating Thyroid Hormone Control of Gene Expression and the Effects of the Endocrine Disruptor Bisphenol A on Nuclear Protein Recruitment (pdf)
Colin Arisman - RSENR A Preliminary Study of Scaling Ip Agroecology in the Intag Region of Ecuador
Meghan Arpino - RSENR Parental Awareness and Environmental Health Resources: Lead and Phthalates
Ayah Badran - RSENR How Do Students Use Science in Making Environmental Decisions? A Study of High School and Undergraduate Students in New York and New Jersey
Justin Baldassare - CAS Free Migrants and Unfree Immigration: The Italian-Language Press in the United States and the Immigrant Quota System
Sarah Benner - CNHS Best Practices for Developing a Smoking Cessation Curriculum for Young, Pregnant and Post-Partum Women and Implementing an Institutional Smoke-Free Policy
Kira Benson - CALS Dose Dependent Effects of Mitochondrial Targeted Nitroxides on Malignant Mesothelioma Cells
Samuel Bevet - CAS The Ethics of Humane Meat Production (pdf)
Emily Bird - CALS The Socioeconomic Impact of Hydroelectric Dams on Developing Communities A Case Study of the Chalillo Dam and the Communities of the Macal River Valley Cayo District, Belize, Central America (pdf)
Natalie Bishop - CAS Grassroots Neighborhood Leaders in Vermont: A Qualitative Analysis of the Rewards, Challenges, and Goals in Community Development (pdf)
Evan Border - CAS Quantum Nanofluidics in Helium-4 (pdf)
Rebecca Bostock-Holtzman - CAS Time and Space in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment: How Setting in the Novel Affects Action and Characterization
Hannah Brown - CAS A Collaboration of Media to Produce a Performance Arts Piece Portraying a Girl's Exploration into the 'Real World'
Samuel Brown - CEMS "Do You Want to Chat?"  A Study of Implicit Information Exchanged During Chat Sessions
Madeline Brumberg - RSENR The Neighborhood Driveway: Integrating Stormwater Management, Community and Green Infrastructure in South Burlington (pdf)
Jessica Bullock - CAS Reconstructing the Perception of Slavery: Toni Morrison's Mission in her Companion Novels Paradise and A Mercy
Marie Burenko - CALS Effects of Aliskiren on Adipocyte Proliferation, Blood Glucose, and Insulin Levels (pdf)
Caitlin Campbell - CAS Livestock Depredation by Large Carnivores: An Analysis of Human-wildlife Conflict in Ehi-rovipuka, Namibia
Molly Campbell - CAS Speaking White: Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and the Connections Between Race, Language, and Political Power
Paul Chambers - CAS Cultivating "Happy Campers": An Exploration of Alloparenting and Childhood Socialization in a Summer Camp Setting (pdf)
Nicholas Cheney - CEMS Investigations into Morphological Scaffolding (pdf)
Sara Cleaver - CAS What's the Catch? An Analysis of Seafood Sustainability at the University of Vermont (pdf)
Brent Cohen - CAS Moral Realism Without Ultimate Values
Kelsey Cook - CAS An Inquiry into the Boundaries Between Species and their Hybrids: The Case of Polypodium x incognitum (pdf)
Suven Cooper - CAS A Retrospective Exploration of Whether CPR Causes Neck Injuries in Infant Deaths (pdf)
Elise Corriveau - CNHS Female Adolescent Refugees: Views of Health
Amanda Crisafulli - CAS  Environmentalism and Animism in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" (pdf)
Emily Demicco - CAS Domestic Servitude in Late Nineteenth-Early Twentieth Century Britain
Meagan DiVito - CALS Evaluating the Physical Activity Levels of Head Start Children Using the CATCH Curriculum (pdf)
Nicholas Dove - RSENR Structural Complexity Enhancement Increases Fungi Diversity in Northern Hardwood Forests (pdf)
Patrick Dowd - CAS Cocktail (pdf)
Laura Duane - CAS Borders and Breach in Postcolonial and Dystopian Fiction (pdf)
Angela Dunkling - CAS The Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Grass Tolerance to Drought (pdf)
Chelsea Emond - CAS Parential Psychological Control, Personality, and Responses to Stress in Emerging Adulthood
Catherine Evans - CESS The Achilles Kids Virtual Marathon Program and Its Impact on Children With Disabilities (pdf)
Ann Fiedler - CEMS Restitution of Golf Balls at Varying Ball Types
Chelsea Fifield - CESS The Tipping Point: The Interface of Intimate Partner Violence and Restorative Justice (pdf)
Kalle Fjeld - CAS A Cinematic Perspective on the Children of North African Immigrants in France: Interpreting the Immigrant Experience through the Film Lens
Elizabeth Fortier - CAS The Bonds of Blood: An Analysis of The Family Structure in Vampire Fiction (pdf)
Morgan Frank - CEMS Enumerating Costas Latin Squares (pdf)
Alyssa Frediani - RSENR The Nesting Ecology of Diamondback Terrapins in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey (pdf)
Andrew Friedland - CAS Never Again: An Original One Act
Andrew Fuhrmann - CEMS Effect of Acoustic Forcing on Aerodynamic Particle Removal from a Surface
Kate Fulop - CAS Costume Design and Construction for "The Good Woman of Setzuan" (pdf)
Anya Gedrath-Smith - CAS Time for Tea: The Sustainable Development of Tea Tourism in Nepal (pdf)
Madison Gilmore - CAS UVM Out-O-Doors: The History of Vermont's Outing Club (pdf)
Jamie Gilroy - CAS Genetic and environmental factors affecting invasibility in Tribolium castaneum (pdf)
Brianna Goddard - CAS Subjective Well-Being Predictors in the College to Career Transition
Kelley Groll - CNHS The Relationship between Social Support, Exercise Outcome Expectations, and Physical Activity in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis (pdf)
Paul Gross - CAS How Plural is Autonomy Really?
Kelsey Haist - CALS Development of a Novel Assay for Comprehensive Measurement of Replicative and Transcriptional RNA Species Generated by Arenaviruses
Nash Hall - CAS Assessing the Influence of the Vermont Current Use Program on Mitigating Current and Future Development Pressure on Forested Surface Water in the Winooski and Missisquoi Watersheds (pdf)
Kelly Halloran - RSENR Estimation of population size and density of Thornicroft's giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti) through the computer-aided photo-identification of individuals (pdf)
Dylan Harry - CAS A Field Investigation of Trends in Northeastern Forest Health over the Past 25 years
Kathleen Hartin - CAS Eyo Matamanai Alakuwa: The Social Implications of Conservation-induced Displacement for the Maasai Women of Engare Sero, Northern Tanzania (pdf)
Max Harwood - CAS Hot Hands: A Story About Jazz and the People Who Made It
Kristin Heller - BSAD Testing the Signals that Job Seekers' Receive From a Recruiting Organization's Community Involvement and Pro-Environmental Practices (pdf)
Peter Helm - CAS Comparing the Effects of Social and Existential Isolation
Eirka Hesterberg - CALS Nutrition in the Backcountry
Zachary Hirsch - CAS Did Borders Really Leave Church Street? The Politics of Discursive Othering on Burlington, Vermont's Church Street Marketplace
Jordan Humble - CAS Determination of the Role of the Retromer Subunit VPS26c in Arabidopsis Root Hairs
Katherine Ida - CAS The Quest for a Cultural Identity: Quest Narratives and Hero Archetypes within Italian-American, Irish-American and African-American Literature
Sophia Isaak - CAS Animal Kingdom and Other Stories
Erin Jackson - CAS Demographic Analysis of Thyroid Cancer Incidence in Vermont
Cassandra Jenis - CAS Shameless - An Exploration of Female Sexuality
Emily Jessep - CAS Darker Shades of Green: The Dilemmas of Green Consumerism (pdf)
Jennifer Kaulius - CALS Engaging in the Process of Policy Reform in the Downtown District of Rutland, Vermont: The Case of Land Value Taxation (pdf)
Henry Kellogg - CAS The End of Protest: The Revolutionary Lives of Bernadine Dohrn and Ulrike Meinhof (pdf)
Mary Kenah - CAS Before Bowers: New York v. Uplinger, the Supreme Court, and the Coalescence of Anti-Gay Doctrine in the 1980s
Emily Kokoll - CAS Designs to Die By: Headstones and Mortuary Art in New England, 1670 to 1839 (pdf)
Alyssa Kropp - CALS Evaluating the Impact of International Service-Learning Relationships: Studying Community Partnerships of Stakeholders in St. Lucia
Joseph Labrum IV - CAS Phylogeography of Colorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata): Inferring the History of an Agricultural Pest
Anh-Thu Nogoc Lam - CAS The Role of Tyrosine 504 Phosphorylation on the Regulation of Collapsin Response Mediator Protein 1
Michele Langone - CALS Multifunctional Gardens to Bring Beauty and Sustainablility to UVM's Campus (pdf)
Tabatha Leahy - CAS The Relationship between Self-reported Physical Activity and Academic Success in Undergraduate Students (pdf)
Jenna LeMieux - CNHS A Pilot Study of the Lived Experience of Residing in a US Nursing Home
Caleb Liberman - CAS The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Bladder Function
Carolyn Lieberman - CAS Fractal Etudes for Solo Piano
Katherine Lord - RSENR Beaver Foraging in Northern Vermont: A Field Test of Central Place Foraging Theory
Meghan Magee - CAS An Objection to Utilitarianism: Exploring How We Determine Moral Permissibility (pdf)
Margaux McConn - CAS Competition Between Thick Filament Proteins, MyBP-C and Flightin, for Myosin Binding Site in Drosophila Transgenic Lines
Catherine McGoldrick - RSENR  Post-Relocation Analysis of Runoff at the Intervale Compost Facility, Burlington, VT (pdf)
Lauren McGurrin - CAS Concepts and Critics of McKibben: Living in a Changing World
Kristina Miele - CEMS Detecting Partially Damaged Gusset Plate Connections Through Vibration-Based Detection Methods
Kathryn Miller - CESS Catch Them Before They Fall: Elementary Mathematics Instruction Within an RTI Framework (pdf)
Samantha Morgan - CAS The Meat of the Matter: Exploring the Relationship between Environmental Ethics and the Food Choices of Environmental Studies Majors at the University of Vermont
Allison Morse - CEMS Combinatorial Game Theory
Celeste Morton - CAS A Psychoanalytic Reading of the Prostitutes Place in Cinema
Sarah Moylan - CALS A Plan for Sheep at the University of Vermont Miller Farm
Luke Neill - CAS The Role of C/EBPb in the Regulation of Cytokine Production by Interleukin 6 in CD-4 T Cells
Douglas Nelson III - CAS Back to the Future of Britain: Alfred Thayer Mahan, His Vision, and Its Popularity on Both Sides of the Atlantic 1890-1898
Marley Nordmeyer - CNHS The Expression of Mental State Terms: A Comparison of Children with ASD and Typically Developing Children Engaged in Play (pdf)
Samantha Ogilvie - CALS Potential Interaction Between RNA Processing Proteins Through RRM Binding
Elyse Ogletree - CAS The Impact of Sibling Relationships on the Socialization of Relationally Aggressive Behaviors in College Students
Rachel Park - CAS Galen and William Harvey: A Comparative Analysis of the Theories of the Circulatory System
Caitlin Patterson - CEMS Instrument Response Comparisons with a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer and a Perspective on Vehicle Emission Testing Procedures
Clara Pedley - CALS Analyzing Participant Satisfaction with the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese (pdf)
Steven Philbin - CAS Tau Isoform-Specific Effect on the Mechanical Rigidity of Microtubules
Kelsey Preston - CALS Is FoxM1 the Therapeutic Target of Thiostrepton in Malignant Mesolthelioma?
Chelsea Purinton - CNHS Family-Centered Nursing Interventions for Healthy Siblings of Children with Chronic Illness (pdf)
Meagan Quinlan - CAS Utilizing the Structure of cGMP-dependent Protein Kinase as a Potential Pharmaceutical Target
Miranda Redmond - CAS Characterization of the Interaction Between CrkL and ESDN
Katharine Rifken - CAS The Effects of Exercise on a Set-Shift Task in Female Ovariectomized and Non-Ovariectomized Rats (pdf)
Ariel Robbins - CAS Frenchwomen and the Vichy Ideal: Daily Life, Choice and Social Power under German Occupation in World War II
Hannah Rosenberg - CAS Nathaniel Hawthorne's Political Life
Elizabeth Sander - CAS Sampling Effects and the Estimation of Biodiversity Using Hill Numbers
Morgan Saunders - CAS The Judicial Transformation of Political Immigration Questions
Andrew Schlesinger - RSENR Initiating Cherry Hill, New Jersey's Transition to Sustainable Suburbia: A Proposal for Willowdale Permaculture Community Garden
Rachel Schneider - CESS Sharing the Same Stage: Positive Youth Development in Vermont's Adolescents
Jeffrey Schumann - CAS Wild America: An Ecocritical Approach to Jack Kerouac and Henry David Thoreau
Emily Smith - CAS Dynamic Analysis of Radio Pulsar B1237+25's Emission and Polarization Modes
Brittany Smith - BSAD Factors That Influence Taxpayer Compliance When Reporting Gambling Income
Todd Stanley - CALS Evaluating the Nutritional Status of the Thru-Hiking Community
Christopher Stecyk - CAS The Effect of Cyclophosphamide on Taste Signaling in the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract
Caitlan Stephens - RSENR "Things need to change around here": The Diversification of a Small Farm in Northwest New Jersey (pdf)
Robyn Suarez - CAS Sociolinguistics: Spoken and Signed
Megan Taylor - CALS Bicycling Lifestyles of Women in Burlington: A Study of Gender and the Bicycle as an Agent for Mobility
Mateus Teixeira - CAS Development of Geometric Models for Four-Component Pulsars J0815+0939 and J0631+1036
Meret Thali - CAS Not Quite The Happy Ending Audiences Want: Broadway and Race Relations in the United States, 1890-1957 (pdf)
Meghan Thompson - CEMS Alternate Engineered Log Jam Designs and Their Impact on Channel Morphology: A Series of Flume Experiments
Connor Tobin - CEMS Geometry Analysis of Articular Joints (pdf)
Brienne Toomey - CAS Digging Up the Dirt: Exposing the Barriers and Challenges of Community Gardening (pdf)
Austin Underwood - CAS Augmented Storytelling
Gianna Vannelli - CALS Correlation Between Breath-methane Levels and the Quantity and Structure of Methanogens in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract
Grace Weaver - CAS Thin-Skinned (pdf)
Henry Webb - CAS Meanings of Landscape and Place (pdf)
Julia Wejchert - CAS The Second Sex & the News Media: How Media Treatment of Female Politicians in America Affects Perceptions of the Public
Dylan White - CALS The Effects of the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Quorum-sensing Molecule 3-oxo-C12-homoserine Lactone on Clinical Candida Albicans Biofilm Development
Maria White - CAS Burlington, Vermont as a Fair Trade Town: A case study in the growth of the Fair Trade Towns Campaign (pdf)
Danielle Winkler - BSAD Exploring Order Effects in Online Product Reviews (pdf)
Ellen Winston - RSENR/td> A South Burlington Farm-to-School Program's Seasonal Spotlight: The Quest to Attain Food Literacy (pdf)
Evan Yandell - CAS Exploring Methods for Evolving Modularity in Artificial Neural Networks
Anna Yatzor - CAS Assessing the Effect of Emission Reduction Programs on Nitrate Export Trends Over an Eight Year Period at Two Headwater Tributaries of Brush Brook in Vermont
Mara Zocco - CAS Pon di Gullyside: The Politics of Space, Violence, and Aesthetics in Contemporary Jamaica
Abigail Zuckerman - CAS Awareness and Advocacy towards Instituting Bias-Free Policing Criteria in Vermont: A cross county comparison of Addison and Franklin Counties, Vermont (pdf)

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