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Honors College Theses, 2010-2011

CAS = College of Arts & Sciences; CALS = College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; CEMS = College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences; CESS - College of Education and Social Services; BSAD = School of Business Administration; CNHS = College of Nursing and Health Sciences; and RSENR = Rubenstain School of Environmental and Natural Resources.

Student Thesis/Project Title
Ian Altendorfer - RSENR An Analysis of's Ability To Frame the World's Climate Change Challenges
Autumn Amici - RSENR The Effects of Varying Levels of Urban Habitats on Arthropod Prey Availability for Woodpeckers in Massachusetts
Sarah Anders - CAS Center of the Cultural Consciousness (pdf)
Elisabetta Anelli - CAS Continuing the Debate over Physician-assisted Suicide and Euthanasia (pdf)
Trevor Avant - CEMS Atomistic Simulation Study of Indentation of Metallic Nanowires
Katarina Bakas - CAS Portrayals of the Abandoned Woman in Art Songs and Opera
Samantha Baker-Carr - CAS Restorative Justice: A Different Way of Doing Justice
Timothy Bell - CNHS Examination of Propofol
Joshua Benes - RSENR Community Forests as Visionary Engines (pdf)
Chelsea Biegler - CAS Laboring with Women in the Green Mountains: Understanding the Contemporary Experience of Certified Professional Home Birth Midwives and Hospital Nurse-Midwives in the State of Vermont (pdf)
Lauren Blackington - CESS An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an All-Girls and an All-Boys Residential Summer Camp in Fostering Positive Attitudes Toward Women (pdf)
John Bleh - BSAD Why are Some Job Seekers Attracted by Corporate Social Responsibility? Identifying the Signals that CSR Sends to Job Seekers
Anne Brady - CAS Gender Differences in the Association between Child Narcissism and Forms and Functions of Aggressive Behavior (pdf)
Holly Bridges - CAS The Effect of Working Memory in the Processing of Motion Events in Spanish as a Second Language (pdf)
Madeleine Brown - CAS Bicycle Systems: How Bike Lanes Affect Bike Ridership, A comparative analysis of Boulder, CO, Eugene, OR and Burlington, VT (pdf)
Christine Burke - CNHS Registered Nurse Perception of and Involvement in the Delivery of Bad News to Patients (pdf)
Sarah Burke - CEMS Variability of Patient Wait Times at Fletcher Allen Emergency Department (pdf)
Thomas Calcagni - CAS Social Mobility on Slave Plantations in the Sokoto Caliphate
Mikael Cejtin - RSENR Bobcat Microhabitat Use in Agricultural Areas of the Champlain Valley (pdf)
Nicholas Cioffi - CAS The Moral of the Story: Making the Case for Prescriptive Moral Fictionalism (pdf)
Kyle Concannon - CALS Integrating Population Health and Health Policy into Medical Education: Relationships Between Public Health Knowledge and Attitudes in Medical Students (pdf)
Joanna Cowen - CESS Treating Patients and Their Stories: An Investigation of Family and Strengths-Based Pediatrics
Stephanie D'Amore - CALS The Use of a Disease Simulation Model to Test Strategies for the Prevention and Management of Foot and Mouth Disease on Vermont Dairy Farms (pdf)
Katherine D'Onfro - CAS Anxiety and Exercise in Mice: An Examination on the Effects of Prior Stress on the Anxiolytic Effects of Voluntary Exercise (pdf)
Amanda DeSenna - CAS Stories from the North Country: Women of Color with HIV/AIDs Living in Rural New England (pdf)
Magan DeVinny - CAS EThe PMU Industry: an Exploration of Work in Literature
Alexsandra Dubin - CAS Mending the Strife Between Earth and World; A Heideggerian Reading of Indian Ragamala Painting (pdf)
Caroline Dunlap - RSENR Transitions in Vermont Dairy (pdf)
Patrick Dunseith - CALS Impact of Compost Materials on Microbial Community Function for the Management of Plant Pathogens and Weed Seeds (pdf)
David Dyke - CAS  Insult, Honor, and Dignitas: a Reexamination of Caesar’s Motive in the Roman Civil War
Ana Ellis - CAS The British Occupation of Egypt: Legal Reforms With a Focus on the Judicial System (1883-1907) (pdf)
Rachel Fabian - CAS Unseen and Unheard: Feminist Politics and the Iranian Mother in the Films of Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Abbas Kiarostami (pdf)
Elena Fader - CAS Factors That Predict the Long-Term Outcomes of The Lidcombe Program for Preschool-Age Children Who Stutter: A Replicated Study (pdf)
David Folkman - BSAD/CEMS The Analysis of Panel Data - The Case of Real Estate Investment Trusts & Family Firm Performance
Jenna Foran - CAS Use of Comic Strip Conversations to Address the Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors of an Adolescent with Asperger Syndrome (pdf)
Douglas Fox - CAS Optimizing the Cellular Uptake of Silica Microspheres
Emily Fuchs - CAS I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere; A Translation of Anna Gavalda's Original Work
Melissa Goraj - CAS The Impossibility of Peace: The Role of Just War Theory in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict (pdf)
John Gramelis - CAS Foc'sle Songs: Writing the Sea
Kathryn Grenoble - CAS An Exploration of Governance and Health Care in the Face of the HIV and AIDS Crisis in Botswana: A Luminary of Success in sub-Saharan Africa or a Failure of State Responsibility? (pdf)
Anna Griem - CAS The Geography of Abortion Funding (pdf)
Justice Gudorf - CAS Is Our Introspective Reality a Grand Illusion (pdf)
Charles Hackett - CAS Modulating Neural Stem Cell Fas Expression in EAE: A Novel Therapeutic Target (pdf)
Allison Hamlin - CAS Cultured Landscapes: An Exploration of Vermont Artisan Cheese (pdf)
Daniel Hedges - CAS An Analysis of the Benefits and Obstacles of Carbon Market Inclusion of Honduran Small-holders
Marian Herbick - RSENR Greening Initiatives: Four Equine Facilities in Chittenden County, Vermont (pdf)
Laura Hermann - CNHS The Lived Experience of Sibling of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (pdf)
Nathan Hicks - CAS Dynamics of Clonal Diversity Within Infections of a Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum (pdf)
Daniel Hunton - CEMS Control of Turbulent Heat Transfer in Water by Polymer Additives
Trisha Irving - CAS The Rogue: A Representation of Self-Escapism in the  Early Modern Period (pdf)
Nicholas Jenkins - BSAD Industrial Sector Equity Valuation (pdf)
Haylley Johnson - CAS It's Only Words on Paper: The Recipe in Italian American Culture (pdf)
Tania Khartabil - CNHS Correlation of Genomics and Proteomics Testing with in vitro Drug Testing for Metastatic Neuroblastoma in Children (pdf)
Amanda LaCroix - CALS The Effect of Genetic Polymorphisms in the Bovine TLR4 Gene on Innate Resistance to Mastitis (pdf)
Alyssa Larson - BSAD Readability of S&P 500 Firms' Proxy Statements Between 1994 and 2009
Kiren Lee - CAS Vermont Migrant Farmworker Organizations: Friends, Farmers, Advocates
Allison Lehrer - CAS Diversity on the Bench: The Appointment of Women to the Federal Courts (pdf)
Ethan Leveillee - CEMS Effects of Flow on the Biochemistry of Blood Coagulation (pdf)
Tenzin Lhakhang - CNHS Interactome of Radiation-induced MicroRNA Predicted Target Genes
Wingyin Lo - CALS Diagnostic Implications of MicroRNA Expression Profile in Thyroid Cancer (pdf)
Isaac Loeb - CAS Free Will and Morality: An Aporia (pdf)
Caitlin Loretan - CALS The Effect of Extender and Extender Ratio on Post-thaw Quality of Equine Spermatozoa (pdf)
Kaitlin Lucas - RSENR Coal Slurry Remediation Through Ecological Design
Melody Martin - CAS Creating Environmentally Conscious Kids: Using Children's Literature to Promote Environmental Awareness (pdf)
Stephanie McDonough - CAS The Effects of a Weight/Health Management Course on Undergraduates' Self Esteem and Body Dissatification (pdf)
Marshall McKenzie - CAS The Birth of an Empire: The Origins of Mercantilism in the Colonization of English North America
Ashley McKhann - CEMS Forecasting Regime Changes in a Thermosyphon: Physical and Numerical Experiments with a Toy Climate (pdf)
Troy McNamara - CAS From Slaves to Freedmen: A Socio-Historical Comparison of Emancipated African American and Indo-Fijan Agricultural Workers at Turn of the Twentieth Century (pdf)
Alison Mercier - CAS Investigating Possible Protein-Protein Interactions of Abelson (Abl) and Abl Related Gene (Arg) Proteins with the Vasodilator-Stimulated (VASP) Family of Proteins (pdf)
Julia Michel - CAS "Forging a New Shield?": An Evaluation of the Recommendations for National Security Reform (pdf)
Kyle Mitofsky - CAS Minimum Wage and High School Disenrollment in Vermont (pdf)
Christopher Morriss - CAS The Novel and the Memory of the Shining Path Conflict of Peru (pdf)
Ariel Moser - CAS Discriminative Fear Learning and Generalization in Exercising and Sedentary C57BL/6J Mice (pdf)
Christina Newman - CAS A DREAM for a World Without HIV/AIDS: An Analysis of a Non-profit Organization and its Adaptation of a Local HIV/AIDS Education Program (pdf)
Christopher Offensend - CEMS An Exploration of Two Mechanisms for Competitive Rowing and Their Effect on Performance
Christopher Page - CALS The Effects of Sweet Whey on Growth and Enzyme Production of Phanerochaete Chrysosporium
Darlene Peterson - CAS L-serine and IMP Synergy in T1R3 Knock Out Mice:  Does it Exist?
Emily Potter - CALS Validation of an Online Diet Analysis Program (iDAT) Against 24-Hour Recall (pdf)
Noah Quinlan - CAS Regulation of Neural Stem Cells by the Sox2 Transcription Factor
Molly Reddington - RSENR Beyond Asbestos: The Multifactorial Causality of Mesothelioma
Hannah Reithinger - CAS Bioenergetics and the Effects of Daily Fluctuating Temperature on the Growth of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) (pdf)
Elle Roberson - CALS Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is Correlated with Increased Levels of Protein S-glutathionylation in Human and Mouse Lung Tissues - Part 1 of 2 AND Part 2 of 2 (pdf)
Samantha Roberts - CAS Human Serum Transferrin: Role of Ionic Interactions with the Transferrin Receptor in Binding and Iron Release (pdf)
Brittany Rudacille - CAS Cambyses: The Legacy of a Madman (pdf)
Marissa Ruppel - CALS An Examination of Molecular Diversity of Bacteria in Tiger Feces Produces No Bands
Theresa Ruswick - RSENR The Extent of Earthworm Invasion on Camel's Hump (pdf)
Elizabeth Salsgiver - CAS Comparison of Adhesion and Invasion of Human and Bovine Staphylococcus aureus Strains in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cell Culture (pdf)
Daniela Sasson - BSAD Funding Executive Compensation with Taxpayer Money? A Study of Stock Repurchases in TARP Banks (pdf)
Sabrina Schulman - BSAD The Use of Personality Assessments to Predict Job Performance and Organizational Fit (pdf)
Julie Seger - CAS Harry Potter and The Millennial Generations Politics PART A, PART B, PART C (pdf)
Matthew Sleeman - CAS Government Debt: A Comparative Analysis of Keynes, Barro, and Minsky (pdf)
Meredith Sooy - CAS The Effects of Exercise and Anxiety Using Cfos Immunohistochemistry in C57BL/6 (pdf)
Melanie Stewart - CALS Food Habits and Foraging Behavior of Coyoties in Vermont
Ariel Subourne - CAS Global Warming and Goverance of the Arctic (pdf)
David Swift - CAS Odor Discrimination Thresholds as a Means of Identifying Parkinson's Disease in Mice with Over Expressed - Synuclein
Caitlyn Towler - CNHS The Effect of Tae Kwon Do on Adults (pdf)
Benoit Trottier, III - CAS Examining the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status, Avoidable Risk Factors and Health Disparities in the U.S. and Vermont (pdf)
Nicole Tucker - CAS The Effects of Right-Hemisphere Language Dominance on Disfluencies and Rate of Speech
Kathryn Turnbull - CALS Molecular Characterization of Hindgut Methanogens in the Bactrian Camels (pdf)
Bridget Vanzo - BSAD Auditor Influence on IFRS Narrative Disclosures within the European Union (pdf)
Erika Weisz - CAS The Influence of Perceived Popularity in the Emergence of Anxious/Depressed Symptoms in Relationally Aggressive Girls
Nathan Wigfield - CAS Between the Earth and the Sky: The Negotiation of God, Ancestors, and Religious Authority in Southern Africa (pdf)
Laura Wilson - CAS Reactivity of Stream Sediments Containing Nickel and Chromium (pdf)
Carolyn Wlodarczyk - CAS The Road to Diversification of the U.S. Chemical Industry: A Case Study of Du Pont 1900-1945 (pdf)
Glenn Xiques - BSAD Tracking Convergence: The Impact of Public Lobbying on Business Combination and Consolidation Financial Reporting Standards from 2000 - 2010
Kristi Young - CNHS The Efficacy of Image-Guided Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Simon Yugler - CAS The Spiritual Significance of the Zimbabwean Mbira in Diaspora

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