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Honors College Theses, 2009-2010

CAS = College of Arts & Sciences; CALS = College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; CEMS = College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences; CESS - College of Education and Social Services; BSAD = School of Business Administration; CNHS = College of Nursing and Health Sciences; and RSENR = Rubenstain School of Environmental and Natural Resources.

Student Thesis/Project Title
Adie Bailey - CAS Sex and the Elizabethan: Expressions of Sexuality during the Reign of Elizabeth I (1558-1603)
James Allen - CAS Childhood Illness in Tiwanaku Society: Comparisons of the Incidence and Timing of Linear Enamel Hypoplasias
Kevin Argentieri - CAS A Continued Improvement of Quality Patient Care: An Investigation of the Barriers and Motivators of Prehospital Vital Signs Documentation in the Rural Vermont EMS System (pdf)
Molly Ashodian - CAS The Contemporary American Political System and Contraceptive Choices (pdf)
Tyler Aten - CAS/td> Identification of a Novel Cooperative Activity between the Proto-oncogenic Src Family Kinases and Crk/CrkL Signaling Protein Families
Jessica Bartlett - CAS Camille (pdf)
Logan Bartram - CAS Evidence for Modern Human Behavioral Origins on the Southern African Coast
Megan Benay - CAS Relational Aggression, Physical Aggression, and Anxiety and Apprehended and Non-apprehended Adolescent Females
Tavid Bingham - CAS A Comparison of US Foreign Aid for Colombia and Nicaragua under the Cold War (1945-1991)
Calla Bischoff - CAS The Sanitization of the Brothers Grimm: A Modernization of Gothic Fairy Tales
Megan Blackmore-Marriner - CAS We Have Brains Too: A Zombie's Struggle for Suffrage
Katherine Botula - CAS No Sacred Place, a Translation of Rodrigo Rey Rosa's Original Work
Lauren Buck - CAS Mary I: Her Personal Politics and Definitions of Queenship (pdf)
Tyler Buswell - CAS Sheep Mania in Vermont: An Examination of the 19th Century Vermont Sheep Raising Industry and Its Implications on State Agriculture, Environment, and People
Julia Camuso - CAS The Effects of Different Types of Hormonal Contraceptives on Sexual Desire
Jennifer Chan - CNHS Wellbeing of Community-dwelling Senior Citizens After the Completion of a Yang-style Tai Chi Class
Zoe Chapman - CAS Predictors of Mental Health Outcomes Among a Sample of Churchgoing Catholics (pdf)
Katherine Coderre - CESS Examining Kappa Delta Pi at the University of Vermont: Past, Present, Future
Justine Cohen - CAS Dicks-y Land
Mimosa Collins - CALS A Qualitative Exploration of Food Preparation Among College Students (pdf)
Rachel Conrad - CAS Transforming Tuberculosis: A Brief History of Literary Consumption and Henry James's "The Wings of the Dove" (pdf)
Kayla DeCarr - RSENR Green, Gold & Blue? Using Ecopsychology to Take the SAD Out of UVM's School Colors (pdf)
Kara DeDonato - CAS Defining White Female Gender Roles: the Work of the Puritan Captivity Narrative (pdf)
Erin DeLaMater - CAS The Birth of American Women's Theatre (pdf)
Michael Demarais - CEMS The Effects of Real Time Data and an Energy Management System on Energy Consumption (pdf)
Caryn Devins - CAS Economic Survival Mode and Its Detrimental Effect on the Rule of Law: A Case Study in Argentina
Jillian Diamond - CESS Growing Up with a Sibling with Special Needs: Reflections of Young Adults on the Diagnosis of Their Sibling
Edward Dobbin - CALS The Feasibility of Zero Energy Homes in the Residential Sector: A Northern New England Case Study (pdf)
Carey Dunfey - CAS The Makings of a Movement: Oaxaca's Sociopolitical Uprising 2006 and Beyond (pdf)
Michael Ellis - CAS Triploid Optimizaion in Brook Trout (Salvelinius fontinalis) and the Effects of Triploidy on Fingerling Growth and Oxygen Consumption
Kieran Fane-Hervey - CAS Social Networking: A Qualitative Study of Social Networking Connections Among UVM Students
Kristin Fioretti - CAS Thomas Jefferson's World of Race, Slavery, and Sex (pdf)
Alice Ford - CALS Changes in the Relative Abundances of Clones in Genetically Complex Plasmodium Infections
Lisa Fredette - RSENR A Study into the Potential for Fuel Production from EcoMachine Biomass (pdf)
Kaitlin Friedman - RSENR Abundance and Distribution of Desmognathus Fuscus Along a Stream Gradient
Simonne Fuge - CALS Proteomic Analysis of Cancer and Non-cancer Thryoid Cell Lines: The Use of SELDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in Identifying Signature Protein Profiles for Thyroid Cancer (pdf)
Lila Fuller - CNHS Emergency Contraception: High School Nurses and Health Educators' Perceptions of Adolescent Knowledge and Access of EC (pdf)
Katherine Gaire - CAS Two-Sided Matching Mechanisms in Facebook Friendships
Jonathan Galli - CNHS Barriers Faced by the Vermont Nutrition and Fitness Policy Guidelines and the Wellness Policies in Chittenden County Schools
Lindsey Gillies - CAS Beyond Fair Trade: An Exploration of Alternatives in Cacao Trade
Katie Glover - BSAD Voluntary Disclosures in Environmental Accounting
Amy Goldberg - CESS Addressing the 4th Grade Slump: "Pitch It Where They Can Hit It"
Jaime Goodman - BSAD The Securitization of Microfinance: Lessons Learned from the Evolution of Securitization
Matthew Greer - BSAD An Analysis of Fan Identification and Sponsorship Relationships in NCAA Division I College Hockey (pdf)
Johannes Grisshammer - RSENR Analyzing the Range and Variability of Foliar Chemistry for Common Tree Species Throughout the Northeastern United States
Isaac Grosfeld-Katz - CAS Pushing Through the Pain - Pain Tolerance as a Function of Social Contact (pdf)
Sarah Gruver - RSENR A Passive Solar, Earth-sheltered Greenhouse Design for the George. D. Aiken Forestry Sciences Laboratory in South Burlington, Vermont
Dana Gulley - RSENR Examining the Post-Adoption Role of Policy Entrepreneurs through the Vermont Farm to School Program
Brendan Hamilton - CAS Killing the Innocent in Self-Defense
Katy Hamlin - CNHS Hepatitis C Resource Guide for the State of Vermont (pdf)
Stephanie Harris - CAS A Critique of Life Through M.Night Shyamalan's Films
Karl Hinrichs - CAS Detection of Legionella Volatile Metabolite Fingerprint Using Electrospray Ionization - Mass Spectrometry
Ashley Holmes - CAS Early Industry Evolution: United States Air Carriers, 1929-1935
Jennifer Hondras - CNHS The Influence of Mood State on Athletic Injury
Katharine Hopkins - CAS Self Organization and Communication: Exploring the Underlying Mechanisms of Harvester Ant Refuse Removal
Jon Hulce - CAS Small Molecules Designed to Inhibit the Binding of Endogenous Prototoxins to Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors
Kevin Issadore - CAS Revenue and Wins as a Measure of Team Efficiency in Major Leggue
Katherine Jerome - CAS Age Estimation of Live Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats Using Telemore Measurement by Quantitative PCR
Amy Johnson - CAS American Habeas Corpus Rights for Non-Citizens
Amadeus Kaelber - CAS "Mobilize Our Black Power": The Struggle for National Liberation in Namibia and South Africa: 1960 to the present
Meredith Kempson - CESS Gender and Participation in the Mathematics Classroom
Meghan Kennison - CNHS Making the Impact: Needs Assessment for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention in Franklin County (pdf)
Daniel Koenemann - CAS The Fiddlehead Fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris) in the Holocene of the North America
Alison Krywanczyk - CAS A Retrospective View of Vermont Suicides: 2003-2008 (pdf)
Job Larson Reconciling the Contemporary Science of Human Behavior with Political Science: A Critical Analysis of Steven Pinker's Theories and Their Implications for Political Scientists (pdf)
David Laurendeau - CAS How China and The United States View Each Other: An Analysis of Public Opinion
Raymond Lee - CAS Regulation of MicroRNA Expression Profiles by Tumor Suppressor Gene Dipeptidyl Peptidase: Implications for Inhibition of Angiogenesis in Neuroblastoma Cells (pdf)
Michael Lester - RSENR The Influence of Lunar Phase and Predation on the Vocalization Behavior of Eastern Whip-poor-wills (pdf)
Samuel Lopez-Barrantes - CAS The Jewish Councils of Occupied Poland and the Evolution of Historical Interpretation (pdf)
Jessica Lowe - CAS Characterization of Cytochrome P450 Cyp6g1 as a Methylmercury Tolerance Gene in Drosophila Melanogaster (pdf)
Cassandra Magliozzi - CAS Justice Anthony Kennedy's Jurisprudence and Defining the Right of Privacy
Auston Maynard - CEMS Discrete Element Modeling of Particle Entrainment by a Wall-Bounded Vortex
Tyler Mayo - CAS Thales: The First Philosopher of the Western World?
Elizabeth McCallion - CAS The Effects of a Group Mindfulness Intervention in Reducing Experiential Avoidance
Katherine McClintic - CAS Elisian England: Clinging to an Idyllic Image of a Thoroughly Industrialized War
Erin McGee - CAS Changes in Serotonin Receptor Binding in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Following Voluntary Exercise in Mice
Rachel McNeil - CAS English Loanwords in Japanese: Usage, Attitudes and Effects in Japanese Conversation (pdf)
Brent Meunier - CEMS Nanoparticle Focusing and Deposition via Dielectrophoretic Force
Morgan Moeglein - CALS Nuclear Diameter and Species Identification Correlations in New England Polypodium (pdf)
Edmund Montanari - BSAD Interpreting the Affects of a Multinational Corporations Corporate Governance Structure on its Corporate Citizenship Initiatives
William Morache - CAS Themes of Labor in the Socialism, Art, and Literature of William Morris
Christine Morgan - BSAD Accounting Software Selection by Vermont Businesses
Alexander Morgan - CAS Bandingus Rex (pdf)
Kathryn Moritz - CAS Our Medium: A Narrative Exploration of the Body in a Foreign Environment (pdf)
Madeline Murphy Hall - CAS Citizens and Subjects: Women's Rights in the Middle East (pdf)
Jessica Odotei - CAS Learned Helplessness in Female Rats
Hayley Perelman - CAS fMRI to Investigate the Effects of Chill-Inducing, Pleasant Music on Acute Pain in Healthy Volunteers
Elizabeth Petow - CAS Class and Change in The Cherry Orchard (pdf)
Monica Picard - CESS Autism and Creativity: An Art Curriculum for the Inclusive Classroom (pdf)
Audrey Reid - RSENR Comparing the Responsiveness of Streams and Ponds to Decreases in Acid Deposition in the Northeastern United States
Kacy Roeder - CALS The Introduction of a Natural Playground: A Site Specific Project Involving the Burlington Community and Smalley Park, Burlington, Vermont
Michael Rubin - BSAD Critical Drivers of a Firm's Decision to Voluntarily Report Its Environmental Data (pdf)
Matthew Sarcione - RSENR Big Brother Or Innovative Funding Solution For Transportation: An Analysis Of The Vehicle Miles Traveled Taxes Media Debate
Abigail Scherer-Hoock - CALS A Comparison of Actual and Recommended Digestible Energy Intakes Derived from Differing Feeding Standards for Miniature Horses (pdf)
Elizabeth Schindler - CALS Exploring Values and Behaviors of the "Food Citizen" (pdf)
Elizabeth Schrader - CAS The Role of Coricotrophin-Releasing Factor in Fear Reinstatement of Lactating Female Rats
Abby Shocik - CESS An Examination of Mentoring Practices Within the Vermont MDI Project
Alison Stout - CAS The Collapse of the Weather Underground (pdf)
Katherine Stuart-Shor - CNHS The Implications of the Electronic Medical Record on Nurse Bedside Shift Hand-off (pdf)
Kathryn Towers - CAS Effects of Short-term Exercise on Learning and Consolidation of Conditioned Fear in Mice
Laura Townsend - CEMS Effects of Weathering on the Water and Gas Permeabilities of Porous Building Substrates
Michael Trimble - BSAD Credit Ratings: Informative vs. Regulatory Power & Their Role in the Financial System
Rachel Van Vliet - CESS Exploring the Effects of Complex Instruction on English Language Learners (pdf)
Jae Vick - CAS Gendered Non-narration in Henry James
Chelsea Vincent - CNHS Hereditary Angioedema: An In-Depth Overview and Select Annotated Bibliography (pdf)
Samantha Weinberg - CAS A Preserved Look into the Past: Understanding the Villa of the Papyri through Philodemus
Amanda Wildermuth - CAS The Effects of Interspecific Hybridization on Foraging and Competitive Ability in Fire Ants S. geminata and S. xyloni
Keith Williams - CAS The Changing Power of Faith: Religion and Rule in Imperial Rome
Kacia Yazbak - CNHS When Push Comes to Shove: Making Choices about Childbirth in Rhode Island
Zheng Jing Zheng - CNHS Determination of the Molecular Weight of Plasma and Serum Tissue Factor

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