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Honors College Theses, 2008-2009

CAS = College of Arts & Sciences; CALS = College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; CEMS = College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences; CESS - College of Education and Social Services; BSAD = School of Business Administration; CNHS = College of Nursing and Health Sciences; and RSENR = Rubenstain School of Environmental and Natural Resources.

Student Thesis/Project Title
Barbara Dewey Abbott Investigating Binary Cubic Forms (pdf)
Steven F. Babbin - CEMS Activation of the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis by Repeated Direct Stimulation in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus (pdf)
Emelie Bailey - CAS The Geography of HIV/AIDS Care: A comparative case study of Kawempe Home Care Initiative, Uganda and Vermont CARES, USA (pdf)
Kristina Barbuto - CESS Assessing the Need for a Children's Literature and Teaching Resource Library on the University of Vermont Campus.
Jennifer Bellavance - CESS The Psychological Affects of the Holocaust on Second and Third Generations: One Family's Struggle with the Legacy of the Holocaust and Its' Survivors
John Bennett - CAS Deconstructing Masculinity in the Spy Thriller
Benjamin Bezark - CALS How and To What Extent can a Participatory Visioning Process Lead to Organizational Change at WRUV? An Action Oriented Approach to Research (pdf)
Claire Bollinger - CAS Exercise Effects on Forebrain- and Cerebellum-dependent Learning in a Rodent Model of ADHD (pdf)
Kathryn Boolukos - CAS Meanings of Womanhood in the 12th Century: The Case of Heloise
Michael Bottiggi - CAS Inevitability and the Spanish Reconquista: The Fight for a Christian Spain in the Medieval Iberian Mind (883-1492)
Luke Brindamour - CAS Regulation of Cell Proliferation by hER-B and its Role in Breast Cancer
Matthew Brown - CAS Tuned In and Turned On: Radio Usage in the Digital Age (pdf)
Elisabeth Brown - CESS Living the Game: Using Game Theoretic Applications to Increase Motivation in High School Students
Gwen Buel - CAS Characterization of Regulated Tyrosine Phosphorylation on Collapsin Response Mediator Proteins (pdf)
Montana Burns - CAS Acrobatic Training and Cerebellar-dependent Learning in a Role Model of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (pdf)
Elizabeth Butler - CAS SVO I OVS: Cracking the Code: The First Noun Strategy in the Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language (pdf)
Grace Cameron - CAS Analysis of Fourteenth Century Pueblo Pottery from Fourmile Ruin, Arizona
Caitlin Chase - CAS Solar is a Solution! The Development of a Renewable Energy Curriculum at Brewster-Pierce Memorial School
John Contompasis - CAS The Role of Flightin in Drosophila Native Thick Filament Flexural Rigidity and Structure
Caitlin Cooper - CALS Constructs for an Improved Model of Mammary Gland Bioreactors to Produce Therapeutic Proteins (pdf)
Kara Cummings - CAS Contagion Modeling (pdf)
Kari Dalane - CAS Objectivity in Moral Language (pdf)
Christine DeAngelis - CAS Women of War: Women Correspondents During Vietnam War
Max Deleon - CAS What Practical Difference Does it Make Whether Moral Irrealism is True?
John Dennison - CAS The Economic Origins of Rawls' Original Position (pdf)
Maria Dirolf - CAS Entertainment Evolution: Why We Still Do Theatre
Marlow Duffy - CALS Exploring Marketing Strategies for Agricultural Tourism Farmers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Vermont (pdf)
Stephanie Fakharzadeh - CAS Food for Thought: The Edible Schoolyard New Orleans and its Role in Community Development (pdf)
Lucas Faryniarz - CEMS The Influence of Surface Geometry of Golf Balls on Viscous Drag (pdf)
Hannah Fjeld - CAS Discovering Morocco: Guidebooks and the Maghreb in the European Imagination (pdf)
Jennifer Fricke - CALS The Geographic Genetic Defferentiation of a Mararia Parasite and Its' Lizard Host
Anthony Garden - CAS A Contemporary Look at the Agency-Transaction Cost Hypothesis for Finding The Optimal Dividend Payout Ratio
Emily Gassman - CALS Levels of Caspase Activity Influences the Fate of a T Cell
Danielle Geno - CAS The Relationship Between Training and Practice for Speech-language Pathologists Working with Young Children with Autism Spectrums Disorder (ASD)
Jennifer Glenister - CAS Individual Based Model of Factors Influencing the Territorial Boundary Between the Harvester and Pogonomyrmex Rugosus and Related Hybrid Lineage
Jason Gold - CAS Residents' Attitudes Toward the Development of Sugarbush Resort: A Community Impact Study
Nathan Gordon - BSAD Internet Advertising:  Death Knell or Rebirth for the Traditional Agency?
Sarah Gulezian - CAS Environmental Politics in Argentina: The Ley de Bosques (pdf)
Kameron Harris - CAS Complex Systems Modeling of Regime Change in Chaotic Convection (pdf)
Connor Hayden - CEMS Quantifying Residual Shear Strength in Claystone Deposits
Heidi Henrichs - RSENR The Effects of Elevation on Parental Feeding Behaviors of Black-Throated Blue Warblers
Colleen Hertz - CAS Integrated Permaculture Design for the Batey Libertad Community Garden
Robin Hicks - CAS Using Molecular Ecology to Control Chagas Disease in Guatemala: Genetic Population Structure of the Insect Vector Triatoma Dimidiata (pdf)
Jennifer Horwitz - CAS Emotion Regulation Using the Silver Drawing Test
Kenna Jacobs - CAS The Uncertainty of Truth: A Look into the Past
Peter Johannessen - CAS Beyond Modernization Theory: Democracy and Development in Contemporary Latin America
Emma Kennedy - CAS Sex-positive Deviance? A Comparison Between the Sexual Attitudes of Heterosexual and Queer Females
Cathryn Koptiuch - CAS Strategies for the Heterologous Expression, Purification, and Functional Analysis of the Toxoplasma gondii MyosinA Protein (TgMyoA)(pdf)
Zoe Kosmas - CALS TEJPA Women’s Papermaking Cooperative in Honduras: A Project on International Market Promotion (pdf)
Sara Krumminga - CAS Collective Memories in a Divided Nation: Memorials to Anti-Nazi Resistance in East and West Germany (pdf)
Theresa LaFay - CAS Stories Through Osmosis: Reading and Writing the American Short Story
Michael Lahey - CNHS Analysis of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Vermont (pdf)
Michelle LeClair - BSAD Evidence of Auditor Liability in Fraud Cases
Samantha Lederfine Paskal - CALS Contributions from Vermont Watershed Organizations to Mexico: A Case Study of the La Antigua Watershed in Veracruz, Mexico
Paige Leenstra - CAS Protein Engineering and Mechanistic Studies on Histidyl-tRNA Synthetase from Escherichia coli
Jesse Levin - BSAD The Dollar
Nicholas Light - CAS Employment of Greek Cultural Law in the Enforcement of Foreign Policy in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C.E.
Daniel Lim - RSENR Park Garden at the Dudley H. Davis Student Center Oval (pdf)
Matthew Little - CAS Durable Peace: A Comparative Case Analysis of Modern Civil Wars in Africa (pdf)
Lily Lovinger - CAS What is the Relationship Between Structural Adjustment Programs and Democracy? (pdf)
Jacqueline Maisonpierre - RSENR Impact of Harvesting Practices on Genetic Diversity in Vermont's Fiddlehead Fern Matteuccia struthiopteris (Onocleaceae)
Andrew Mallon - CAS Compositional Structure in Improvised Music (pdf)
Zara Manuelyan - CAS Mutations of the Retinoic Acid Receptor a Resistant to All-Trans Retinoic Acid (pdf)
Greta Mattessich - CAS Expressions of Ancient Chinese Poetry (pdf)
Daniel McAlister - BSAD Free Banking: Inherently Unstable or Viable Alternative?
Talaya McCright-Gill - CAS Brain Processing of Emotional Information in Transgender Individuals (pdf)
Claire McKown - CAS Supervising Street Sensibilities: On the Intersection of the Curator, the Community, and Graffiti (pdf)
Isaac Messmore - CAS Is Mill's "Harm Principle" Fundamentally Deontological? (pdf)
Clay Murphy - CEMS Efficiency Analysis of Fixed, Passive, and Driven Dual Axis Solar Trackers
Allison Neal - CAS Sex Ratio of the Lizard Malaria Parasite Plasmodium Mexicanum: Role of Clonal Diversity (pdf)
Cassi Nelson - CESS Beyond the Yellow Flowers: Grief Processes of Long-Term Care Staff
Katherine Nopper - CAS Obedience in Politics: Ardendt's Two Theories of Political Judgment (pdf)
Grace O'Keefe - CAS A Study of the History of Jewish Meditation: Theory and Practice (pdf)
Julie Pacific - CESS Beyond the Yellow Flowers: Grief Processes of Long-Term Care Staff
Samantha Palley - CAS Flannery O'Conner and the Use of Violence pdf)
Laura Pedro - CAS Tragedy into Art: The Canadian Aboriginal Residential School Experience Expressed Through Fiction
Colin Penn - RSENR Forest Infuence on Snowpack Dynamics at Hubbard Brook LTER, New Hampshire (pdf)
Jacquelyn Pless - CAS Corruption and Its Threat to Learning: A Cross-Country Analysis (pdf)
Andrea Rawley - CALS A Closer Look at Food Service Systems
Bretton Reis - CAS A Play by Bretton Reis
Kate Riley - CALS Food Security and the Role of Community in the Dominican Republic
Jessica Rock - CAS Understanding a Sense of Place in the World and Society Through Literature: The Insights and Philosophy of Emilie Carles
Monique Rogals - CAS The Maintenance of the Barrier Function of Blood Clots: The Contribution of Old and New Thrombin
Max Rooney - BSAD Financial Security in America: Models of the Roles of the Individual, Government, and the Financial Professional
Heather Rowles - CAS French: Les grands événements qui ont transformé le français parlé au Québec du "français canadien" au "français québécois" English: The major events that transformed the French spoken in Quebec from "Canadian French" to "Quebecois French" (pdf)
Jacqueline Ryan - CAS She's Still There
Maggie Sager - CAS The Effect of Pressure on Human Thoracic Aortic Wall Remodeling: Reactive Oxygen Species Induction of the MAP Kinase Pathway
Christine San Antonio - CAS Effects of Carbon and Nitrogen Resource Enhancement to Pennisetum Ruppelli (Poaceae) on Investment in Defensive Compounds Against Ungulate Herbivores (pdf)
Jamie Seiffer - BSAD FeelGood: Ending World Hunger, One Grilled Cheese at a Time
Cara Sengebush - CALS Research in Physical Therapy
Kimberly Shane - CAS Pleasures of the Bitten Peach: An Exploration of Gender and Sexuality in Late Imperial China (pdf)
Eric Shepard - CEMS Finding Patterns in Electronic Spam to Increase the Effectiveness of Spam Filters
Michael Skillicorn - CALS Relationship Coffee:  How Building Relationships Can Make Trade Fair
John Soltys - CAS The Role of Nicotinic Receptor Trafficking in Controlling Programmed Cell Death During Development (pdf)
Ellen Stanley - CESS English as a Second Language Teachers in a Refugee Resettlement Community: Perspectives and Experiences (pdf)
Mary Stewart - CAS "Let us possesse one world": A Defense of John Donne's Depiction of Women in his Love Poetry (pdf)
Anna Strout - CAS Impact of Mandatory Arrest Laws on Domestic Violence (pdf)
Rachel Sugarman - CAS The Role of Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Peptide (PACAP) in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis (BNST) Mediating Anxiety in Rats
Molly Sullivan - CAS The Quest for the Epic Hero
Tiffany Trafan - CESS The Infant Industry
Andrew Turgeon - CAS Youth and Their Rural Place: An Examination of Teenagers' Geographies in Bennington County, Vermont
Thea Ulrich-Lewis - CAS By Nationalizing Copper We Shall Cease to be Poor: CODELCO and the Chilean Economy
Victoria Vendola - CESS Eating Without Salt: Studying Abroad in Florence, Italy
Henry Wainhouse - CAS Reflections on Contemporary Escapism
Evan Walden - BSAD Entrepreneurial Orientation and Strategy: How to Compete in a Dynamic Environment
Danielle Walsh - CAS Brett, Punishment, and Freedom in The Sun Also Rises(pdf)
Alena Warren - RSENR Expanding Climate Change Programs: The Role of Landfill Emissions in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (pdf)
Chase Whiting - CAS In Defense of Participatory Democracy (pdf)
Katharine Wiebe - CAS Are You Positive About Being Negative? Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs about HIV Testing (pdf)
Ryan Winnick - CAS Understanding the "Emerging Female Young Adult" in Comtemporary Literature and Film: A Scholarly and Creative Project (pdf) Part B
Amy Young - BSAD The Economic Crisis and Its' Impact on Financial Statement Transparency in the Banking Industry and Accounting and Tax Primer for Small Businesses (pdf)
Justin Zinck - CAS A Study of Milan Kundera and the Political Novel (pdf)

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