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Jon Parker

I came to UVM in the fall of 2004 as a member of the first freshman class of the new Honors College. I began studying for a major in Computer Science and later added a second major in Mathematics. I played for the UVM Men's Rugby Club from the spring of '06 to the spring of '08.

I graduated Cum Laude from the UVM Honors College in the spring of 2008. After graduation I returned to my hometown of Hopkinton, New Hampshire. I began to look for a job in Boston, Massachusetts, where I hoped to move. In July of '08 I was offered an interview at inventor Dean Kamen's company, Deka Research & Development, in Manchester, NH. It was my first interview and I went as a learning experience. I was so impressed with the company and the products they were developing that I could not turn down the position. Deka R&D develops a variety of products, including the prosthetic arm recently featured on 60 Minutes. I am currently involved in the development of a medical device, writing C++ and Python code to test the software used to run the machine. Due to the fact that most of our projects are classified until completed, I am unable to give specific details about the machine I am working on.

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