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Updates from the Office of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides information on research opportunities, advising on getting started, and resources for students who are planning or performing research in any discipline.

For students who are interested in forensic science, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Vermont offers internships each semester and summer. These unfunded internships provide students with first hand knowledge of the workings and processes involved with this multidisciplinary profession. Applications for Spring Internships 2013 are available at

This fall there is a new funding opportunity available to students interested in innovative community based research involving Vermont's food systems. If you have a project idea that would improve the sustainability and performance of a Vermont-based food business, there are grants, $500-$2000, available through a Community Development and Applied Economics grant program. Due date is November 1, 2012. Contact Ann Kroll Lerner ( or Dr. David Conner ( for more information.

OUR distributes several awards that fund students' projects, but only one occurs in the fall. Once students establish themselves in research or creative environments, they are encouraged to apply for this financial support.

This fall's Mini Grant Winners are (* denotes Honors College students):

  • Will Baker, senior, Electrical Engineering, Robotic Swarm (Jeff Frolik)
  • Suzanne Ball, senior, Wildlife Fisheries Biology, Changes in Opossum Shrimp (Mysis diluviana) Population (Jason Stockwell)
  • Tanner Bowden*, junior, English, The Silent History: Field Reports Short Fiction Project (Kevin Moffett)
  • Philip Cannata, senior, Civil Engineering/Environmental Engineering, Determination of Biodiesel's Environmental and Health Effects (Britt Holmen)
  • Christopher Cason, senior, Biochemistry, Role of CADMI in Endothelial Cell Resistance (Arti Shukla)
  • Ashleigh DiLaurenzio, senior, Communication Sciences Disorders and Linguistics, Social Networking and Feelings of Acceptance, Loneliness, and Relationships in ASD and Neurotypical Populations (Patty Prelock)
  • Joseph Friedman, junior, Anthropology, Whet Your Appetite: a Dietary Reconstruction (national conference presentation) (Deborah Blom)
  • Lyndsey Hayden*, senior, Animal Science, Effects of Specific Antibodies Following S. aureus Mastitis in Dairy Cows (David Kerr)
  • Indigo James*, junior, English/Women and Gender Studies, "Of Plimoth Plantation": Analysis and Interpretation of the "Living Museum" as a Historical Site (Elizabeth Fenton)
  • Daniel Kendall*, senior, Engineering, Identifying and Quantifying the Gender-Specific Differences of the Volatile Fear Response in Humans, (Jane Hill)
  • Andrew Killorin, senior, Electrical Engineering, Platform Stabilization for Model Rocket Photography, (Stephen Titcomb)
  • Jillian Leikauskas*, senior, Medical Laboratory Sciences, An Analysis of Ethics & Public Health Knowledge on College Students Vaccination Choices, (Burton Wilcke)
  • Claire Malina, senior, French, Through the Lens: In Search of Vermont, (Peter Shellenberger)
  • Zoe McKenzie, senior, Anthropology, Testing the Polar Tooth Method: Childhood Health and the Tipu Maya, (Deborah Blom)
  • Chelsea Mitchell*, senior, Biological Sciences, Divergent Behavior in the DVM of Mysis diluviana: Is it Plastic or Fixed? (Jason Stockwell)
  • Mukta Mukta*, senior, Professional Nursing, The Role of Culture and Social Structures in Bengali Adults with Type 2 Diabetes in Managing Their Health Condition (Sarah Abrams)
  • Frederick Naumann, senior, Biology, Volatile Metabolite Analysis of Mycobacteria culture Headspace: Towards a Breath-Based Diagnosis for Tuberculosis (Jane Hill)
  • Danielle Semick, senior, Biology, Examining the Fatty Acid Composition of Milk Collected from Three Organic Dairies in Vermont on a Weekly Basis (Jana Kraft)
  • Meredith Whitney, senior, Forestry, A Forest for Every Legislator (Walter Poleman)

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) due on a rolling basis, this $300 scholarship helps Honors College students pay for their college-approved thesis research. The 2012-13 recipients so far are:

  • Chelsea Mitchell, Biological Sciences (Jason Stockwell)
  • Lindsay Gabel, Psychology (Keith Burt)
  • Mukta Mukta, Professional Nursing (Sarah Abrams)

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