University of Vermont

The Honors College

Faculty Seminar 2011, "The Humanities Challenge"

Summer 2011 Faculty Seminar

The Eighth Annual Honors College Faculty Seminar was held at UVM's Honors College on August 15-17. This year's topic, The Humanities Challenge, focused on two competing ideas: on the one hand, a long-held belief that humanities disciplines nurture our sense of the complexity of the world in part by challenging us to see it in new ways; on the other hand, a growing concern over the future of the humanities as their place both in the modern research university and in society at large faces a new skepticism about their cultural and economic value.

Co-coordinated by Andrew Barnaby, from the Department of English, and Melanie Gustafson, from the Department of History, the Seminar brought together twenty participants from across the university (including faculty from the Colleges of Nursing and Health Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, the Rubenstein School, as well as from Arts and Sciences). UVM Presenters came from a variety of our Departments and Programs (the Rubenstein School, the Film and Television Program, the College of Medicine, and the Departments of English and Political Science); outside presenters included the Director of the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities; the Head of the Criminal Division in the Burlington-based US Attorney's Office, and an independent film-maker. The final day of the conference was devoted to the theme of "Humanities and Democracy."

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