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Distinguished Scientist Anne Fausto-Sterling Visits HCOL as 2013 Zeltzerman Lecturer

We were pleased to welcome Anne Fausto-Sterling as the Zeltzerman Lecturer in March of 2013. Professor Fausto-Sterling is the Nancy Duke Lewis Professor of Biology and Gender Studies at Brown University, where she has had a long and distinguished career as one of the world's leading experts on the development of gender identity and the biology of gender. Along with countless scientific papers, Professor Fausto-Sterling has written three books for a general audience, all of them books that have made a real difference in the world - and not just the world of science. In those books - Myths of Gender (1993), Sexing the Body (2000), and the most recent, "Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World" (2012) - Professor Fausto-Sterling reveals herself to be not only an extremely accomplished scientist, but also an historian of science and an acute and extraordinarily insightful critic of the often invisible cultural underpinnings of science.

In her Zeltzerman Lecture, held in Carpenter Auditorium on March 28 (where it was standing room only), Professor Fausto-Sterling spoke about her work in a talk entitled "From Babies to Gender Identity: The Ontogeny of Sexuality." Drawing on data collected over several years, Professor Fausto-Sterling noted that embodied gender is as a result of a dynamic known iterative development, where what seems to some like "hard-wiring" is in fact a set of constantly building, repeating processes that might have less to do with "pure" biology than with what might almost be called "social" biology. Along with her Zeltzerman Lecture, Professor Fausto-Sterling also visited four first-year classes in the Honors College (all of which had studied her work on gender, race, or the teaching of science) and met with faculty from the Women's and Gender Studies Program to talk about how to integrate the teaching of science into the WGST curriculum.

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