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The Honors College

Funding for Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers awards to students for original scholarship, research, and creative activities. Once students have a UVM faculty mentor and establish themselves in research or creative environments, they are encouraged to apply for this financial support.

Below is a list of the recent awards, student winners, their majors and faculty mentors.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

A $300 scholarship to help Honors College students pay for their college-approved thesis research. Recipients:

  • Maura Satti, Social Work (Dr. Gary Widrick)
  • Elizabeth Gribkoff, Environmental Studies (Dr. Ernesto Mendez)
  • Elizabeth Bennett, Environmental Science (Dr. Gary Hawley)

Summer Research Award

Provides student wages of up to $3500 in addition to upwards of $1500 for supplies and operating expenses to pursue research like it's your summer job! The 2013 SRA recipients:

  • Sarah Alexander (Senior), Environmental Studies (Dr. Teresa Mares), Title: Female Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture in Vermont: A Qualitative Inquiry and Ethnographic Analysis
  • Rachel Aronson (Junior), Anthropology (Dr. Teresa Mares), Title: The Potential for Culturally Appropriate and Nutritionally Fulfilling Food
  • Samuel Ashley (Junior), Biological Sciences (Dr. Susan Wallace), Title: Analysis of DNA Blycosylase Variants by Means of Rifampicin Assays
  • Elizabeth Berman (Junior), Nutrition and Food Science (Dr. Rachel Johnson), Title: The Impact of Changes in Beverage Options on Calorie and Added Sugars Consumption on a College Campus
  • Alan Chu (Junior), Biochemistry (Dr. Christopher Huston), Title: Involvement of Host Cell Serotonin Signaling in Cryptosporidium parvum infection of HCT-8 Cells
  • Justin Dao (Junior), Electrical Engineering (Dr. Tian Xia), Title: Design and Development of an Integrated Control System for Hybrid Clean Energy Lighting
  • Emma DeMelim (Junior), Medical Laboratory Science (Dr. Karen Lousbury), Title: A Transgenic Mouse Model that Enables the Knockout of CREB in Vascular Smooth Muscle
  • Hannah Harrington (Sophomore), Community & International Development (Dr. Jane Kolodinsky), Title: Farm to School Programming and Community Development
  • Sadie Holliday (Junior), Film & Television Studies (Dr. Sarah Nilsen), Title: The Consumption of Black Bodies Through Media
  • Frances Iannucci (Sophomore), Wildlife & Fisheries Biology (Dr. Jason Stockwell), Title: Investigating Trophic Interactions of Mongolian Salmonids Using Stable Isotope and Fatty Acid Analyses
  • Christopher Kenseth (Sophomore), Chemistry (Dr. Giuseppe Petrucci), Title: Seasonal Dependence of Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted by Cut Grass
  • Brendan Lyons (Junior), Plant Biology (Dr. David Barrington), Title: Elevational variation in Cytosolic Phosphoblucose Isomerase (PgiC) in Andean Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae)
  • Vienna McLeod (Junior), Exercise Movement Science (Dr. Connie Tompkins), Title: Dietary Habits and Inhbitory Control in Healthy Weight and Obese Adolescents
  • Derek Neal (Junior), French/English (Dr. Joseph Acquisto), Title: The Meaning of Food in the Literary Works of Gustave Flaubert and Albert Camus
  • Hunter O'Folan (Junior), Mechanical Engineering (Dr. Ting Tan), Title: Hybrid Street Lamp System with Heliz Bamboo Wind Turbine and Solar Panels
  • Daniel Orfeo (Junior), Mathematics (Dr. Joanna Rankin), Title: Investigating the Partially Filled, Rotating-Subbeam-Carousel Model for Radio Pulsar B0751+32
  • Hannah Rickner (Junior), Biology (Dr. Rona Delay), Title: The Immunolocalization of Purinergic Signaling Receptors in the Supporting Cells of the Mammalian Vomeronasal Organ
  • Max Ross (Junior), Biology (Dr. Joseph Schall), Title: Transmission Success & Sex Ratios in Plasmodium mexicanum
  • Suzanne Smith (Junior), Medical Laboratory Science (Dr. Paula Deming), Title: Examining the Effect of Fyn-Mediated Phosphorylation on the Enzymatic Activity of Protein Kinase A
  • Kate Stansfield (Junior), Neuroscience (Dr. John Green), Title: The Effects of Estrogen Replacement on Executive Function in Exercising and Non-exercising Ovariectomized Female Rats
  • Alexandra Sullivan (Junior), Psychology (Dr. Diana Muray-Close), Title: It's Not Hot to Be Cool: Social Status Goals and their Relationship to Depressive Symptoms
  • Brian Varga (Junior), Biochemistry (Dr. Eugene Delay), Title: Characterization of a New Bipolar Soft Ionization Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
  • Michael Wood (Senior), Sociology/French (Dr. Nick Danigelis), Title: Political Alienation among Minority Groups in America

Simon Family Community-Based Research Fellowship

A newer scholarship that targets students pursuing community-based, civic-minded research initiatives; awards are up to $5000. The 2013 Simon Fellows:

  • Catherine Alexander (Sophomore), Political Science/English (Dr. Frank Bryan), Project title: Exploring and Analyzing the Political Engagement of Young Vermont Women (community partner: Vermont Commission on Women)
  • Madeline Delaney (Junior), English (Dr. Kathleen Schneider), Project title: Collaborative Art (community partner: Women Helping Battered Women)
  • Jessica Fuller (Junior) History/Economics (Dr. Elaine McCrate), Project title: A Proposal Redefining the Trinity Children's Center as a UVM Affiliate (community partner: Trinity Children’s Center)
  • Sammie Ibrahim (Freshman) Geography/Global Studies (Dr. Luis Vivanco), Project title: Assessing the Efficacy of Various Outreach Methods for Promoting Use of Active Transportation Options (community partner: Local Motion)
  • Sabrina Smits (Junior) Forestry (Dr. Kimberly Wallin), Project title: The Effect of Wind Disturbance on the Diversity of Insect Populations in Vermont (community partner: Chittenden County Forests, Parks, and Recreation)
  • Summer Mini Grants

    $1000 provided for research expenses for newer projects or to support ongoing work. The 2013 Summer Mini Grant recipients:

  • Pamela Bay (Senior), Animal Science (Drs. Jana Kraft andTom Jetton), Project title: Plant-Derived Bioactive Lipids Impacting Glucose Homeostasis and Pancreatic B-cell Function
  • Maria Carabello (Senior), Nutrition Food Sciences (Dr. Amy Trubek), Project title: Starting with a Clean Plate: Re-envisioning the Dietary Guidelines through an Ethnographic Review of Domestic Cooking Practices
  • Joseph Lahey (Junior), Medical Laboratory Sciences (Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry), Project title: Ionizing Radiation-Induced Extrachromosomal Circular MicroDNA
  • Jordan Munger (Junior), Biological Sciences (Dr. Mark Evans), Project title: Immunohistochemical Procedural Optimization for Clinical and Research Applications on Formelin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Breast Cancer Specimens
  • Andrew Perez (Sophomore) Biochemistry (Dr. Sayyed Zaidi), Project title: MicroRNA Mediated Epigenetic Regulation of Acute Mylogenous Leukemia
  • Nicholas Strayer (Sophomore) Mathematics (Dr. Jason Stockwell), Project title: Building a Better Mysis Trap
  • Patrick Sweeney (Junior) Biochemistry (Dr. Nicholas Heintz), Project title: Determining the Subcellular Distribution of FOXM1 Proteinisoforms
  • Tianyi Xia (Junior) Electrical Engineering (Dr. Tian Xia), Project title: High Amplitude Pulse Generator for Ultra Wideband Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Andrew Perez (Sophomore) Biochemistry (Dr. Sayyed Zaidi), Project title: MicroRNA Mediated Epigenetic Regulation of Acute Mylogenous Leukemia
  • Katerine Ritchie (Junior) Animal Science (Drs. Jana Kraft and Tom Jetton), Project title: Cyanobacteria Blooms and Essential Fatty Acid Transfer through the Food Web of Lake Champlain
  • Matthew Rosenthal (Junior) Biology (Dr. Jim Vigoreaux), Project title: Flight an Mating Behavior of a Dual Heterozygote Drosophila Expressing Flightin Truncated Proteins
  • Ann Weber (Junior) English/French (Dr. Greg Bottoms), Project title: Family History, World War II, and Creative Nonfiction
  • Public Impact Research Scholarship

    A new scholarship that helps students take low or unpaid internships that have a research focus. The award provides up to $2000 to help defray student expenses for the summer. 2013 Public Impact Scholars:

  • Nicole Bull (Sophomore), Anthropology (Dr. Wm. McDowell) Internship: Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Anders Christiansen (Senior), Political Science (Dr. Eileen Burgin) Internship: Senator Patrick Leahy's Office
  • Patrick Likins (Senior), Forestry (Dr. Jeffrey Hughes) Internship: Krueger-Norton Sugarhouse
  • Jordan Munger (Sophomore), Biological Sciences (Dr. Mark Evans) Internship: VCC/Experimental Pathology Lab
  • Michaela Yarnell (Junior), Global Studies (Dr. Katlyn Morris) Internship: Ocean Conservancy
  • Gavin Zeitz (Senior), Environmental Studies (Dr. Elizabeth Calabrese) Internship: Local Motion
  • Yael Rhodes (Senior), Linguistics/Anthropology (Dr. Teresa Mares) Internship: Bridges to Health
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