University of Vermont

The Honors College

Annual UVM Student Research Conference (SRC) April 23, 2013

As part of the University of Vermont's weeklong celebration of student achievement, the Student Research Conference showcases the research and scholarly activity of undergraduate, graduate and medical students across campus. Held each year in the Davis Center, the conference is an opportunity for undergraduates to share their recent work and garner the recognition they so well deserve.

This year 325 students - undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students - delivered oral presentations and posters relating to their research and creative endeavors. Representing all colleges on campus, the conference represented the growing diversity of scholarship with more interdisciplinary collaborations and more students from the arts and humanities discussing and performing their creations.

One afternoon session began with Houston Illo, Jazz major, performing songs on her fife that she had researched as part of her Public Research & Creative Endeavors grant. Next Honors College student, Lucia Rubin-Cadrain, explained her analysis of motion verbs found in Harry Potter's Spanish translation showing the implications that these have for second language acquisition. The session concluded with Michelle Marion and her eight-person dance team performing her interpretation of an environmental poem read by her faculty advisor, Amy Seidl.

Of the 176 undergraduates participating in this year's conference, 64 were Honors College students showing both our emphasis on original thesis research and presenting scholarship to a wide audience. Our students lead the way in their commitment to exploration beyond the classroom. Many Honors College students presented the results of their own thesis research, the culmination of a year of focused research and writing. Others presented ongoing studies. Sophomore Frances Iannucci, collaborating with a graduate student from the lab where she works, presented a poster on the effects of diet on fatty acid content in freshwater perch. She is continuing this research in Lake Champlain this spring, but will also take advantage of a Summer Research Award to build upon the research with a comparative sample of fish taken from her summer spent in Mongolia.

Whether it is the culmination of the project or at a fascinating moment of revelation, the Student Research Conference provides a wonderful opportunity for students to present their work to a wide audience of interested spectators. Presenting one's research to a collection of disciplinary peers has great value, but at the Student Research Conference students learn to share the value of their endeavors with a broader public in a language that all can understand, an invaluable skill to develop as students move toward professional competency and the world beyond UVM.

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