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Honors College Seniors Share Their Post-Graduate Plans

In the fall of 2006, they arrived on campus. The Honors College Class of 2010 brought different talents, passions, hopes and dreams to the University of Vermont, and during their four years they bonded, read about ethics, studied for countless tests, shared endless stories in late night study (or procrastination) sessions, they wrote theses. And the talents, hopes and dreams that they developed at UVM will carry them forward. Below is a selection of where a few graduating Honors College students are going and what they will be doing.

Name: Caryn Devins

Hometown: Essex, VT

Major: Political Science and Spanish

Post-graduate plans (in 1-2 sentences): Attending Duke University School of Law in the fall.

Post-graduate location: Durham, NC

Favorite Honors College Memory (in 1-2 sentences): I loved writing the thesis - it was extremely challenging, rewarding and thorough in a way that is impossible to come by in ordinary classes.

Name: Teddy Dobbin

Hometown: Middletown, Rhode Island

Major: Environmental Studies

Post-graduate plans (in 1-2 sentences): I plan to continue working in Barre, Vermont in the Sales & Marketing department at a wind turbine manufacturing company. This position is set to extend through the summer.

Post-graduate location: Burlington, Vermont (Summer)

Favorite Honors College Memory (in 1-2 sentences): My favorite Honors College Memory is taking Helga Schreckenberger's Making Ethical Choices seminars freshman year with my roommate.

Name: Jaime Goodman

Hometown: Island Park, New York

Major: Finance

Post-graduate plans (in 1-2 sentences): I will be employed as an Investment Operations Analyst at Champlain Investment Partners, LLC.

Post-graduate location: Burlington, Vermont

Favorite Honors College Memory (in 1-2 sentences): High-Five Buddies, Winter Wonderland, Apple Picking/Pie Making (Vanilla Bean would have been better!), Watching Friends/Probably falling asleep once it was turned on, Fortune Cookies/Tellers, Sunday Brunch/Seeing Truc, The Iron Curtain... Any moment I shared with Matt, Mike, and Erica.

Name: Johannes Griesshammer

Hometown: Topsfield, MA

Major: Forestry

Post-graduate plans (in 1-2 sentences): Live above treeline, hiking and cooking food, and getting paid for it.

Post-graduate location: Lakes of the Clouds Hut, Mt Washington, NH

Favorite Honors College Memory (in 1-2 sentences): Discovering that I did all of my statistics wrong the night before my thesis defense.

Name: Katherine Jerome

Hometown: Shaftsbury, Vt

Major: Biology

Post-graduate plans (in 1-2 sentences): I will be applying to dental school for the class of 2015.

Post-graduate location: Burlington, Vt.

Name: Meredith Kempson

Hometown: Kinnelon, NJ

Major: Secondary Education in Mathematics

Post-graduate plans (in 1-2 sentences): I plan to find a job and teach high school level mathematics this coming September.

Post-graduate location: New Jersey

Favorite Honors College Memory (in 1-2 sentences): I became best friends with my three suite mates in University Heights North.

Name: Audrey Reid

Hometown: Canaan, VT

Major: Environmental Science

Post-graduate plans: Attending graduate school for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.

Post-graduate location: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Favorite Honors College Memory: Baking cookies late-night in the University Heights North kitchen

Name: Chelsea L. Vincent

Hometown: Ferrisburgh, VT

Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Post-graduate plans: I'm hoping to find a job as a medical technologist locally in Vermont. Until then, I plan on working in the lab at Fletcher Allen where I've been working for the past three and a half years. Oh, and enjoying my free time, doing things outside.

Post-graduate location: Hinesburg, VT

Favorite Honor's College Memory: Completing my senior honor's project and having it published on a national organization's website

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