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Good Bye and Thank You to Honors College Staff

In addition to saying goodbye to the Class of 2010, The Honors College bid farewell to four staff members at the end of the academic year.

Gayle Bress

Gayle Bress joined the Honors College in July 2009 as the Undergraduate Research Coordinator. Prior to her arrival in the Honors College, Gayle coordinated the HELiX program. In October 2008 she received the Sister Elizabeth Candon Women in Higher Education Award. During her time at UVM, Gayle has worked with undergraduates to team them up with faculty for research experience, overseeing the mini-grant and URECA! programs for undergraduate research. Gayle retired from UVM, and is happily pursuing her interests in gardening/landscape design.

Todd Porter

Todd Porter has served as the Resident Director of University Heights North (UHN) for two years. Todd was a full-time professional staff member of Residential Life, overseeing the Assistant Resident Director and Residential Assistants in UHN. Todd worked closely with HC staff on programming and advising for UHN residents. In addition to being a mentor for UHN students, Todd was active in the UVM community, and he is an avid runner. Todd will join the staff at UMass Amherst as Selection, Training and Development Specialist for the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

MJ Moreo

The Honors College is also saying goodbye to Assistant Residence Director Katie Sadler. Katie, a Phoenix, Arizona native, is working toward a master's degree in UVM's Higher Education Administration program, where she's learning how to help students create positive, safe and supportive campus communities. She put that knowledge to work this year in UHN; she was imperative in helping students figure out how they wanted to build a community within the dormitory. She worked with Hall Council, she helped manage the Resident Advisers, and she made sure that all students had someone to talk to if they needed it. She'll be gone from the UHN, but she won't be far away; Katie will be the Assistant Residence Director in Jeanette Mance Residence Hall for the 2010-2011 academic year. She plans on finishing her master's degree next May.

Katie Sadler

For the 2009-2010 academic year, first year students in University Heights North were able to look to M.J. Moreo for advice, guidance, and a few laughs. The Honors College junior and Student Mentor lived in UHN and, in addition to co-coordinating the Student Mentor Program, she was in charge of making sure that students were able to find their way through their first year of college. The Honors College dorm is a close-knit community, and it was M.J.'s job to also make sure it was a fun community. She helped organize weekday socials, evening study breaks, and Sunday football parties throughout the academic year. Her "Back to Kindergarten" events which took place during midterm and finals study periods were especially popular; Honors College students enjoyed taking a quick study break to finger paint, watch movies, bake cookies, and hang out with their classmates. M.J. is planning on graduating from UVM in December and entering the Foreign Service.

We wish Gayle, Todd, Katie and M.J. all the best in their new adventures.

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