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Boulder and Tower Honor Societies Select Two Honors College Students as President

Two Honors College students, Dana Gully and Tyler Aten, will assume the Presidency of the two most prestigious senior Honor societies at UVM. Dana will take up the main leadership role for the Tower Society and Tyler for the Boulder Society. Each has served this past academic year as the 'junior link' to their organizations, a position occupied by only one person in each society who then rises to become its president in their senior year.

Dana is an Environmental Studies major in the Rubinstein School, with a minor in Political Science. Her focus is upon energy policy and law. She tells us that the Tower Honor society was created by and for women in the 1970's to compliment the Boulder honor society, which is for men. The society consists of 10 senior women with a junior link, a position she held this year. She said that the society had as its banner the acronym, TOWERR, which stands for, "The Organization of Women Exemplifying Reason and Responsibility." But this year, she explained, in keeping with the changing times, they would be moving toward a more inclusive membership by being open to all marginalized gender identities.

Tyler is a Biology major in the School of Arts and Science, with minors in Chemistry and Statistics. He writes to tell us that the Boulder society in a senior men's honor society established in 1905 by then UVM President Matthew Henry Buckham, the longest serving president in UVM history. Its original purpose was to establish a mechanism of communication between the administration and the student body. The members of the group worked to bring the needs of the student body to the attention of the administration, holding weekly meetings with the president of the University.

The Boulder Society was responsible for the creation of the Student Government Association. Every year, Tyler says, there are up to 13 members plus one junior link who like his counter part in the Tower society, assumes the role of president the following year. As this past year's junior link, Tyler will be responsible next year for carrying on Boulder traditions and leading the group. As in the Tower society, there are three pillars of selection: scholarship, leadership, and service.

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