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Spring 2010 URECA! Winners

    The purpose of this program is to provide prestigious, competitive awards to outstanding undergraduates who wish to pursue a specific research project under the mentorship of a faculty member. In this way, undergraduates have the opportunity and resources to pursue independent research as well as work closely with active faculty members who are leading scholars in their fields.

    The competition is structured to mirror both the application process and the execution of a program that would typically be funded by an external granting agency: students are required to submit a proposal describing a specific research project to be completed under the direction of a faculty mentor; proposals are evaluated by panels of UVM experts, and the top ranked proposals are selected for funding; awardees carry out the research, either during a semester or a summer, and submit a final report detailing the outcomes.

    In many instances, results may be suitable for presentation at regional or national conferences and/or publication (funds may be requested to support such culminations).

    Finally, the awardees will participate in the Student Research Conference, held in April each year at which time a poster presentation of their research will be shared with the University community.

    Spring 2010 URECA! Winners

    • Trevor Avant '11 (Professor Frederic Sansoz), Mechanical Engineering, "Atomistic Simulation Study of Indentation of Nickel Nanowires"

    • Stefan Boas '12 (Professor Kalev Freeman), Biology "Surgery Effects of Exercise Training on Outcomes Following Traumatic Brain Injury"

    • Robert Brenna '11 (Professor Elizabeth Pinel), Psychology, "I Before Me, Except After See: When I-Sharers Come Face-to-Face With Objective Dissimilar Others Without Prior Knowledge"

    • Jessica Buckley '11 (Professor Daniel Baker), Civil Engineering, "Technical Investigation of the Slow Sand Filter in Jaitique, Honduras"

    • Christine Burke '11 (Professor Hendrika Maltby), Nursing, "Nursing Photovoice as an Exploration of Maternal Health Beliefs and Goals for Young Children in Bangladesh"

    • Francisco Garcia-Candelario '11 (Professor Paul Hines), Engineering, "Cascading Failure in Electric Energy Systems"

    • Meghan Kendall '11 (Professor Steven Zvatny), pS/History "Clean and Modern,Hygiene in France Since 1850"

    • Erin King '11 (Professor Andre-Denis Wright), Animal Science "Identification and Analysis of the Methanogens Present in Vermont Dairy Cows"

    • Stanislaw Krzyzanowski '11 (Professor Karen Lounsbury), Biology, "Induction of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Gene Expression by Platelet Derived Growth Factor via cAMP Response Element Binding Protein (CREB)"

    • Alyson Lindquist '12 (Professor Cynthia Forehand), ANNB, "Sexual Dimorphism of Kisspeptin Expression"

    • Johanna Mayerhofer '11 (Professor Jane Hill), Engineering, "Purification and Properties of Phytase Produced from a Pseudomonas Species"

    • Ashley McKhann '11 (Professor Chris Danforth), Math, Forecasting Regime Changes in a Physical Toy Climate"

    • Alison Mercier '11 (Professor Alan Howe), Biochemistry, "Investigating Possible Protein-Protein Interactions of Abelson (Abl) and Abl Related Gene (Arg) Proteins With the Vasodilator-Stimulated (VASP) Family of Proteins"

    • Kathryn Mitchell '11 (Professor Sarah Abrams), Nursing, "Nursing Women's Health Assessment in Kamuli District Uganda"

    • Samuel Mitchell '12 (Professor Jennifer Prue), Education "Unemployed College Graduates in Bluefields, Nicaragua"

    • Emily Oshea '11 (Professor Maeve Eberhardt), Commuication Sciences, "A Dictionart of Women's Language"

    • Brittany Raymond '11 (Professor John Green), Psychology, "The Relationship Between Exercise, Anxiety, & Learning"

    • Theresa Ruswick '11 (Professor Brian Bechage), Plant Biology, "Extent of Earthworm Invasion on Camels Hump, Vermont"

    • Matthew Sammons '11 (Professor Matthew Lord), Animal Science, "Regulation of Myosin-I Localization and Function by Actin Filament-binding Proteins"

    • Jesse Simmons '11 (Professor Luis Vivanco), PS/Econ, "Research and Modeling of Bike Share Programs"

    • Gregory Smith '11 (Professor Christopher Francklyn), Biochemistry, "Characterization of the Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase Fidelity Mechanism Using Kinetic Analysis of Editing Domain Mutants"

    • Ryan Trudel '11 (Professor Arnie Bomblies), Engineerig, "Sustainable Malaria Control Using Neem Extracts"

    • Kathryn Turnbull '11 (Professor Andre-Denis Wright), Animal Science, "Foregut Methanogens in Camels"

    • Justin VanBacker '11 (Professor Eugene Delay), Biology, "Exploring the Role of T1R3 Receptor in Experience-Induced Taste Threshold Changes in Mice"

    • Grace O'Leary '11 (Professor Steve Budington), Art, "Fine Art Studio Space"

    • David Zhang '12 (Professor Jane Hill), Engineering, "Motility in Bacterial Adhesion"

    • Zuzana Zvarova '13 (Professor Peter Callas), "A Statistical Registry of Parents with Type 2 Diabetes"

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