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Spring 2010 Mini Grant Winners

This spring marked the first time that Undergraduate Mini Grants were awarded to University of Vermont students outside of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Six students conducting research in the social sciences, humanities, and creative fields were awarded mini grants, as were 11 winners in the STEM fields. The grants will enable all the winners to continue working with their academic mentors on current research projects. The expansion of the Mini Grant program means that students from all academic disciplines will be enabled to seek out mentored research and pursue their academic interests in depth.

The University of Vermont Mini Grants are administered by the Office of Undergraduate Research in the Honors College. They provide support, on a competitive basis, to all UVM students who are doing research projects to include all scholarship and creative works throughout the colleges. The grants, which are awarded each year during the fall and spring semesters, provide students with up to $500 for expenses and supplies.

Spring 2010 Mini Grant Winners

  • Edward Alanzo '10 (with Professor Steve Budington), Studio Art, "Appropriation of Dan Flavin Light Sculpture for the Purposes of Encrypting Data in an Aesthetic Object (Steganography)"

  • Megan Benay '10 (with Professor Timothy Stickle), Psychology, "Relational Aggression, Physical Aggression and Anxiety in Apprehended and non-apprehended adolescent females"

  • Joshua Bouffard '11 (with Professor Stephen Titcomb), Electrical Engineering, "Microcontroller-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle"

  • Sean Bullis '11 (with Professor Christopher Francklyn), Biochemistry, "Identifying Molecular Markers of Prostate Cancer: A Diagnostic Tool"

  • Christine Burke '10 (with Professor Hendrika Maltby), Nursing "Photovoice as an Exploration of Maternal Health Beliefs and Goals for Young Children in Bangledesh"

  • Julia Camuso '10 (with Professor Alessandra Rellini), Psychology, "The Effects of Hormonal Contraceptives on Sexual Desire"

  • Meghan Kendall '11 (with Professor Steven Zdatny), History, "Clean and Modern, Hygiene in France Since 1850"

  • Stanislaw Krzyzanowski '11 (with Professor Karen Lounsbury), Biology, "Induction of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Gene Expression by Platelet Derived Growth Factor Via cAMP Response Element Binding Protein (CREB)"

  • Jillian Leikauskas '13 (with Professor John Aleong), Exercise & Movement Science, "Childhood Obesity Correlated with State-Mandated Physical Education"

  • Wingyin Lo '11 (with Professor Elzbieta Zakrzewska), Animal Science, "Diagnostic Implications of MicroRNA Expression in Cells and Media"

  • Jessica Lowe '10 (with Professor Matthew Rand), Biology, "Characterization of Cytochrome P450 Cyp6g1as a Methylmercury Tolerance Gene in Drosophila Melanogaster"

  • Nicole Maille '10 (with Professor Paula Tracy), Biochemistry, "Characterization of the Mechanism Responsible for the Generation of the Essential Blood Clotting Enzyme Thrombin on Peripheral Blood Surfaces"

  • Halley Parsonnet '10 (with Professor Sarah Nilsen), Film & Television Studies, "The Unsinkable Murphy Brown: Feminism in Television from 1970-1998"

  • Becky Roche '11 (with Professor Qingbin Wang), Community and International Development, "Potentials for Reducing Free Plastic Bags: Evidence From a Consumer Survey"

  • Theresa Ruswick '11 (with Professor Josef Gorres), Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, "The Effect of Invasive Earthworms on Historic Plots on Camels Hump, Vermont"

  • Katherine St. Denis '10 (with Professor Joseph Schall), Biology, "Evolution in a Malaria Parasite: Allele Frequency Changes Over Decades"

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