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The Honors College, According to Honors College Students

In the end, a prospective student's decision on which college to attend comes down to picking the institution that can offer the best academic experience combined with the best personal experience. That is an individual decision; the right answer varies from person to person. For Honors College students Laura Hermann '11, Emily Andersen '12, Zach Rivers '12, Ashley Andersen '13, Megan Kelley '13, and Melissa Lawler '13, their decision to come to the University of Vermont and enroll in the Honors College has been a life-changing experience that enabled them to thrive academically and socially.. But they still remember the anxiety of the college process, so this spring they met with prospective Honors College students and answered questions about academics, research, friends, clubs, sports and the social life at the University of Vermont. Below, we've shared some of their answers.

In this first video, the students talk about their college application process, and they discuss how they decided that the University of Vermont Honors College was the right fit for them both inside and outside of the classroom:

When asked what their favorite part of the Honors College was, many students simply replied, "the community." That Honors College community, they said, extended far beyond their experience in the classroom, and during their first few months of college it helped them find their place while making lifelong friends. Hear Honors College students describe their community in this next video:

One of the unique aspects of the University of Vermont Honors College is its appeal to students that come to college to pursue a very wide range of academic interests. There are few places that can bring together future engineers, farmers, nurses, artists, scientists, economists and lawyers and create a learning environment where all students are engaged and challenged. the In this next video, students talk about their unique opportunity to learn from each other:

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