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If you didn't have the chance to visit the Honors College this spring, you can still see Honors College students discuss their experiences at UVM. Click the links below to access the panel videos:

Spring is an exciting and anxious time for high school seniors and their families. The decision on where to go to college and which university is the right fit is not an easy one. But this spring, Honors College students have been reaching out to prospective students and parents, introducing them to the Honors College, and helping prospective students envision what their life would be like as a University of Vermont Honors College student.

In February and March, Honors College students participated in student panels during UVM's Accepted Student Visit Days, which are designated days for prospective students to tour campus, meet with professors in their academic department, and get a sense of what the university community can offer them. Prospective students invited into the Honors College also get to meet with Honors College professors during these days, they get to learn from students on the panels, and then they also get University Heights North room tours from other current students.

Prospective students have had many questions for Honors College students, ranging from opportunities to do research, to study abroad, to what the Honors College course load is like.

"A lot of the sophomore seminars are really cool classes," said Ellie Seitz, a sophomore Environmental Sciences major from Shaker Heights, Ohio. "A lot of the classes are taught by professors who want to teach a really interesting and specific subject, so they come here to teach it. I got to take Geology and Human Health."

"The classes are designed for anyone, " added Zach Silberman, a sophomore Biological Sciences major from Andover, Massachusetts. "I'm in a class right now called Computers and Society; we have everyone from biology majors to computer science majors to philosophy and political science. It creates really interesting discussion, and it's one of the best classes I've ever taken."

The size of the Honors College classes is also a perk, according to Chris Kenseth, an Honors College first year student and Chemistry major from Montpelier, Vermont.

"One of the nice things about the Honors College class is you really get to know people in it, " he said. Your classes are 15-20 people, you're living with them and you really get to interact with them."

But certainly, the question most asked and most answered has been, "What made you choose to come to UVM?" Peter Helm, a senior and Psychology major from Raleigh, North Carolina, summed it up nicely.

"Burlington is awesome," he said. "It's a really cool place to live. Church Street is great. And it's also beautiful with the lake and the Adirondack Mountains on one side of town and the Green Mountains on the other. There's a ton of outdoor activities, but I'm also a psych major and the Psychology Department is really good here."

Honors College students will continue to participate in Accepted Student Visit Days coming up on April 6, 9, 13, 16 and 20th. For more information and to RSVP visit the Accepted Student Visit Day website.

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