University of Vermont

The Honors College

HCOL 101 Thesis Prep Course

This fall and every semester hereafter, the Honors College will be offering a thesis preparation course to all HCOL students in the Junior year, HCOL 101.

The aim of HCOL 101 is to provide HCOL students from every unit on campus with consistent advising on preparing for the thesis project, and to maintain some of the intellectual community they've formed in their first and/or sophomore years in the HCOL. The course also seeks to "demystify" the thesis process, which is often assumed to be intimidating and brutal. It's not (at least, it certainly does not have to be), and this course will help reassure students of the manageable scope of the thesis process.

THis year, the course is being taught by Political Science professor, and former Dean of the Honors College, Bob Taylor. Professor Taylor will be teaching one section of the course in the fall, and two sections of the course in the spring. The course will consist of five 90-minute sessions over the semester: four at the beginning of the semester, and then one after mid-semester. The early sessions will concentrate mainly on general but valuable advising information: What is a thesis project? How do you find your advisor? What resources exist on campus to help you execute the project (reference librarians, funding, etc)? How do you write a literature review? How do you craft a thesis proposal? Students will then spend several weeks working through the process of formulating a proposal (finding an advisor, identifying a research question, working on a literature review), and then will meet again in one session after mid-semester to participate in an organized peer review of the documents each student will produce, the Thesis Proposal Memorandum.

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