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               San Jacinto.jpg (231749 bytes)                                                                  Sea Gull.jpg (59865 bytes)                                                  

               San Jacinto                Sand Bars (Salinas River)       Scars of Old Conflicts              Sea Gull                              


                                                           Sierra Skyscrapers.jpg (80755 bytes)                                                               

                  Seaward                                   Serenity                      Sierra Skyscrapers                Sierra Teeth                                   


                                      Snow Tonight.jpg (108820 bytes)                    Snow Bound.jpg (60257 bytes)                        Snow San Gabriel Range.jpg (114691 bytes)                    

                 Sky High                              Snow Tonight                  Snow Bound             Snow San Gabriel Range                                                                            


                                       South Mountain.jpg (102383 bytes)                                                                                

                  Solitude                            South Mountain                 Splintered Crag                 Spring Morning                                                                 
                                                                                                                                                 (Morning from  Seal Beach)


                                      Stark Country.jpg (75617 bytes)                                                                                                           

            Spring Weather                       Stark Country                      Still Water                         Storm Lined                                                            


                                     Sun Down.jpg (91727 bytes)                   Sunlit Slopes.jpg (136005 bytes)                                                                        

      Summer (The Hayfield)                  Sundown                         Sunlit Slopes                Sycamore and the Sea                                                                                 


               The Boat Pier.jpg (69817 bytes)                         The Canyon Road.jpg (83087 bytes)                                                                                                                              

              The Boat Pier                      The Canyon Road                  The Cliff                             The Cliff Path                                                                                             


                                      The Day is Young.jpg (105891 bytes)                                                                                      

               The Cloud                          The Day is Young           The Desert Invites              The Embroidered  Hills                                                       


                                       The Heart  Canyon.jpg (70815 bytes)                                          The Old Pine.jpg (93063 bytes)                                                                               

        The Eucalyptus Tree       The Heart of the Canyon           The Hills Rejoice              The Old Pine (Big Pine)   


                                    The Peach Orchard.jpg (93297 bytes)                                           The Sand Spit.jpg (115665 bytes)                                                                    

          The Old Road                        The Peach Orchard                     The Portal                         The Sand Spit                                                                                       


          The Trail Home.jpg (45237 bytes)                          The Valley Narrows.jpg (125000 bytes)                          The Wave.jpg (57355 bytes)                                                                                                           

       The Trail Home                     The Valley Narrows                      The Wave                          The Wind is Up                                                                         


          This Joyous World.jpg (50645 bytes)                                                                                                

        This Joyous World                      Three Trees                       Trail to Winter                           Twilight                                                                    


              Twilight Nears.jpg (65580 bytes)                                                                            Valley Near  Peaks.jpg (77989 bytes)                                                                                   

          Twilight Nears                         Two Geraniums              Untroubled Waters              Valley Near the Peaks                                                                          


            Valley Ramparts.jpg (90487 bytes)                                                                     Where Careless.jpg (283502 bytes)                                                       

           Valley Ramparts                        Ventura Oaks             When Summer Comes       Where Careless Quiet Lies                                                                                                                                                        


             Where Quiet Lies.jpg (64777 bytes)                                                Wind Dance.jpg (123911 bytes)                           Windswept.jpg (191152 bytes)                                                                                

            Where Quiet Lies                         Wilderness                         Wind Dance                            Windswept                                                                                     


             Winter.jpg (96452 bytes)                          Winter is Near.jpg (91836 bytes)                       Winter Lingers.jpg (103063 bytes)                             Winter Looks Down.jpg (114951 bytes)                                                                                   

                 Winter                                   Winter is Near                     Winter  Lingers           Winter Looks Down on Spring                                                                                                        


               Winter Regalia.jpg (97870 bytes)                            Zinnias.jpg (115218 bytes)                            Zinnias 2.jpg (209209 bytes)                           

             Winter Regalia                              Zinnias                                   Zinnias 2                                Zion Canyon