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                   March Horizons.jpg (78398 bytes)                            Misty Morning.jpg (61205 bytes)                                                                              

               March Horizons                    Misty Morning                              Morning                         Morning on the Elkhorn     



                   Morning Shadows.jpg (108398 bytes)                                                    Mt Hood.jpg (102506 bytes)                         Mt Hood 2.jpg (52239 bytes)                                                

              Morning Shadows                 Moss Landing                               Mt    Hood                              Mt Hood 2                                              



                                         Northern.jpg (69054 bytes)                                                    October Splendor.jpg (124852 bytes)                                   

                Near Monterey                  Northern California                November Textures                 October Splendor                                                         
                                                                                                                  (November Textiles)



                                                                   Old Oak.jpg (219682 bytes)                                                                                                     

                   Old Baldy                               Old Baldy 2                                  Old Oak                                    Old Pier                                                                    



                  On a Tahoe Trail.jpg (66934 bytes)                                                                                                                                               

              On a Tahoe Trail                         On and Up                         On Big Bear Lake                     On Monterey Bay                                     



               On the Kit.jpg (113854 bytes)                        On the Salinas River.jpg (212490 bytes)                           Oregon Coast.jpg (71362 bytes)                             Oregon Coast Guard.jpg (67301 bytes)                                                                    

           On the Kit Carson Trail          On the Salinas River                 Oregon Coast                        Oregon Coast Guard                      


                                              Phlox.jpg (49649 bytes)                                                            Point Lobos.jpg (80267 bytes)                                           

                 Pajoro Lake                                    Phlox                                   Pleasant Coves                            Point Lobos                                                                        



                                               Quiet.jpg (68081 bytes)                                                         Rain Tomorrow.jpg (90880 bytes)                            

      Poplars, Lake Cuyamaca                           Quiet                              Red Rock Canyon                        Rain Tomorrow             



      Rocky Path in the Woods