Images A-F

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                A Blossomy Way.jpg (104401 bytes)                                           A Desert Vista.jpg (84942 bytes)                         A Shrine to Pan.jpg (70446 bytes)               

             A Blossomy Way                  A Corridor South                A Desert Vista                    A Shrine to Pan
                                                                                                              (Desert Vista)


                A Sierra Spur.jpg (53380 bytes)                         A Tatoosh Vista.jpg (67882 bytes)                                         Above the Trail.jpg (60094 bytes)                                   

                A Sierra Spur                        A Tatoosh Vista               Above the Sea                      Above the Trail              


               After the First Rains.jpg (102272 bytes)                          After the Rain.jpg (77120 bytes)                     Aloof.jpg (59412 bytes)                     Among the Hills.jpg (89602 bytes)                      

            After the First Rains                 After the Rain                          Aloof                            Among the Hills                


                                         And Now the Moon 2.jpg (50219 bytes)                          April.jpg (105283 bytes)                     At the Fountain.jpg (78043 bytes)                 

          An Abyss Between                 And Now the Moon                      April                       At the Fountain Head           


                                         Austerity.jpg (77389 bytes)                                              Autumn Crowned.jpg (80457 bytes)                            

          August Hill Slopes                         Austerity                           Autumn Brocade              Autumn Crowned?                
                                                                                                        (Glimpse of Big Bear Lake)



           Autumn Sycamore               Away and Beyond                   Behold the  Day                Below the Bridge                               


               Between Showers.jpg (57364 bytes)                                                                                                                           

           Between Showers                     Boat Landing,                       Bridge at Big Sur                      Canyon Head                                       
                                                                  Morro Bay                       (Oceanside, Coastwise)         (At the Canyon Head)                  


               Chill December.jpg (94499 bytes)                                                                                                                                            

              Chill December                          Cinerarias                                Clearing                         Cliffs of  Klamath                                                                               


                  Coast Line.jpg (74302 bytes)                                                   Crestline.jpg (72288 bytes)                    Cumulus Clouds.jpg (56265 bytes)                                                                               

                   Coastline                             Columbia Crag                           Crestline                        Cumulus Clouds                                                             
                                                                                                                                                                     (The Cloud)                


                                         Day Departs.jpg (71492 bytes)                     Desert Barrier.jpg (68259 bytes)                                                                                                               

             Cuyama Country                       Day Departs                      Desert Barrier                            East Fork                                                                                                      


                Easter in San Juaquin.jpg (72132 bytes)                                                     Evening.jpg (148824 bytes)                                                                                                                   

      Easter in San Joaquin                        Eucalyptus                            Evening                               Fair Weather                                                                                                                  



                Fall.jpg (78702 bytes)                                                                     

                        Fall                                      Fall Patterns                  Fisherman's Cove                        Fish Market