This guide was conceived by a group of librarians who call themselves the Vermontiana Resource Sharing Group. It was designed to help students and researchers conducting undergraduate-level research find collections of Vermont materials around the state. It is not a comprehensive guide; rather, it is a guide to collections at institutions that maintain regular hours and have staff members available to assist researchers. We have tried to include all academic libraries in the state, some of the larger public libraries, and most of the special libraries and repositories devoted to Vermont collections.

This guide is not a catalog of specific titles or archival collections. Information about specific holdings at some institutions can be garnered from the Vermont Automated Library System (VALS), a statewide computerized cataloging system available at most libraries in Vermont and internationally through the Internet. Not all institutions listed here are included on VALS, and even if an institution is on VALS, it may have materials that have not been cataloged. A telephone call to the librarian, archivist, or staff member is always a good idea.

Although an index has been created for this guide, it does not cover all Vermontiana resources in the state. Some of the institutions have very specialized collections, such as those at the Justin Morgan Memorial Museum, that show up clearly in the index. Other collections, such as those at the University of Vermont (UVM) and the Vermont Historical Society (VHS), are more general. Not everything in these collections can appear in the index.

Thorough researchers will want to consult other repositories besides the ones listed in this guide. Many public libraries and local historical societies across the state maintain local history collections. Most libraries have a list of all libraries in the state compiled by the Vermont Department of Libraries; the staff at the Vermont Historical Society (802-828-2291) can tell callers if a local historical society exists in a given town. Town clerks offices also maintain records of interest to many Vermont researchers. A list of Vermont town clerks can be obtained from the Vermont Secretary of State (1-800-439-VOTE). The broad-based Guide to Vermonts Repositories can be obtained from the Vermont State Archives (802-828-2308); this list attempted to include all repositories in existence at the time of publication (1988). Various other agencies of state and local government may have resources of use to the thorough researcher.

Many people were involved in the production of this guide. The Vermontiana Resource Sharing Group, which includes representatives from the states academic libraries and special libraries, oversaw the project. The Vermont Historical Society provided postage for a survey and supplies for the entire project. Librarians and staff members at each of the institutions in this guide completed questionnaires and proofread their entries. Sherri Kowlakowski volunteered her time to edit and type some of the entries. Patricia Adams, VHS library page, typed the majority of the entries. Diane Dolbashian of St. Michaels College proofread the entire text. Susan O'Brien of the Vermont Folklife Center produced the index. And UVMs Center for Research on Vermont agreed to produce and distribute this guide.

Vermont has a rich and fascinating culture. There are many aspects of Vermont life that have received little or no attention from scholars. We encourage you to explore Vermont and to seek out new areas for research, using some of the many fine collections described in this guide.

We intend to issue future editions of this guide. Please send additions, corrections, and suggestions to me at the Vermont Historical Society (109 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05609-0901 or We hope you find this guide helpful in your work.

Paul A. Carnahan, Librarian
Vermont Historical Society
October 1994