Site and Location of Buildings

        The site extends from the common to the edge of the White River behind it.  The Royalton Village common is made of lots of land located around the green.  The village area does not have a formal composition.  The main structures are placed, with generous setbacks, along Vermont Route 14.  The village green, directly across from which the Town House is located, is not a traditional shaped green.  The shape of the space is almost an elongated triangle.  The size of the green appears to be small when compared with the lots around it.  The buildings around the green were constructed with a significant setback from the road and this makes the green appear smaller in size as compared with the open land around.  The shape and size of the green in dictated by Vermont Route 14 and the access road.  The curving roadways contribute with the unusual shape of the space.  Apart form a couple of trees located in the individual lots surrounding the green there is not much vegetation in the area.  There is no vegetation aside from grass inside the green.
        In front of the buildings there is not much vegetation except for a large tree to the right of the Town House main elevation, and a smaller one located towards the front of the site creating a visual division of the structures when seen from a distance.  The site is flat on the side facing the common but starting directly behind the buildings, it slopes gradually towards the river. The three buildings are located in an elongated site just off Vermont Route 14 along the unpaved, gravel access road that shapes the Royalton Common.  The entire site consists of 3 acres that begin at the access road and end along the back of the site following the contours of the White River.
        The Royalton Town House (#1) is located near the center of the site; it faces the main street 160 feet from the access road.  The schoolhouse (#2) is located to the southwest side of the Town House and the privy (#3) was placed between the two buildings on the close vicinity of the school.

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