Orwell Congregational Church

1789 Orwell decides to establish a church in the center of town

1795 Church actually built

1805 a second church built

1842 Committee established to build a new church wants controll of church to be kept by Congregationalists. Church splits and Methodist church established at its current location.

1843 Brick Congregational church opened on land donated to end quarrel over ownership of previous church.

1844 Roof repaired and four fireplaces modified to "more efectively heat the building"

1860 Roof repaired

1861 Repairs to roof and belfrey to fix leaks

1862 Town selectmen begin meeting in basement of church

1863 Front steps rebuilt

1865 Organ installed and gallery widened to accomadate the choir and organ.

1875 Roof was done in slate

1881 Extensive repairs to basement and furnace.

1882 Clock installed in belfrey.

1889 Cieling replastered and cieling and walls frescoed

1891 Stained glass windows installed.

1928 Horsesheds associated with the church were torn down

1929 Wooden entrance steps replaced with concrete steps

1981 Chandelier electrified

1985 Extensive repairs made to the steeple Columns incorporated into the balcony were installed at this time.

1986 Carpeting and tile installed in the social hall in the basement.