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Organizations that wish to have professional preservation job opening announcements or internships posted and distributed to students and graduates of the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program are invited to send notices by e-mail to

UVM HPP graduates who wish to receive such listings by e-mail are encouraged to forward a request with their current e-mail address to

Additional web sites that offer preservation employment listings may be accessed by searching for Historic Preservation Jobs

An ongoing study of professional career openings in historic preservation in the U.S. has been conducted by Professor Thomas Visser, director of the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program. A special report on this study was published in Preservation Education Research journal. His findings also have been presented at preservation conferences in the United States and Canada.

The study has shown that professional historic preservation career opportunities in the commercial sector have included jobs with cultural resource management consultants, contracting and development companies, and architectural firms. In the government sector, positions at the federal level included those with the National Park Service and various federal agencies; at state levels with state historic preservation offices (SHPOs), state transportation departments and other state agencies; and at local levels with municipal planning departments and preservation commissions. Historic preservation positions with non-profit organizations included openings with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, with statewide and local preservation advocacy organizations, with community development and main street organizations, and with historical societies and historic sites. In the education sector, a small number of preservation-related positions have been offered for faculty openings, for contract-based research, and for administration and planning jobs.

The following chart shows apparent annual trends of preservation job openings posted on PreserveNet tracked by economic sector (commercial businesses and consulting firms; governmental offices; non-profit organizations; and academic institutions). Although PreserveNet has been one of the most active historic preservation job listing services in the U.S., its process for gathering and posting job announcements may have varied through this period thus this an approximation of the trends.

HP job trends


The National Park Service, in partnership with the National Council for Preservation Education offers historic preservation internships that involve cultural resource management activities and opportunities to work in the field of historic preservation.The information on these is available at the National Council for Preservation Education's PreserveNet website.

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