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Ruth Boelsen Baird Award-Fall 2014

  • Ryan McHale

Paul D. Evans Scholarship Award-Fall 2014

  • Andrew Bowen
  • Anthony Martel

Previous Evans Award Recipients

Paul D. Evans Prize Recipient-Spring 2015

  • Emily Stoneking

Goran Prize Recipient in American History-Spring 2015

  • Patrick Maguire

Phi Alpha Theta Essay Prize Recipient-Spring 2015

  • Cole Burton

Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Honors Students

  • Andrew M. Bowen
  • Cole R. Burton
  • Andria G. Cubero
  • Max F. Grascher
  • Geoff J. Matthews
  • Corina M. Pinto
  • Jessica Solodkin
  • Emily Stoneking

2014 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees

APLE Award Winner Fall 2011

History and European Studies Major Ariel Robbins, wrote a senior honors thesis with Steve Zdatny, "Rhetoric and Reality: Women's Lives in Vichy France," which won an APLE Award and an Honors College grant to fund research in Paris during the Fall of 2011.

More information on Research & Internships (APLE)

URECA! & College Summer Mini-Grant

Meghan Kendall, a History and Political Science major, won both a URECA! and a College Summer Mini-Grant.  She received support to conduct research in France during the summer of 2011, as a research assistant for Steve Zdatny, looking at portrayals of public and private hygiene in popular culture in France during the 1950s and 1960s.

More URECA! Awards

Honors and Awards

Departmental Honors

Departmental Honors, which is a degree distinction, is awarded in accordance with the following procedure:

Professors nominate students who have submitted exceptional seminar papers (papers written for 200-level courses). Should a person wish to accept nomination, he or she will then revise that paper, if it needs revision, along lines suggested by the professor usually over the course of a semester long independent study.

Submission to the committee: Whether revised or not, that paper will be submitted to a committee of three professors from the department who will examine the candidate. This examination, which will be an oral interview and which will last about one hour, will not only probe the paper's thesis and the methods of investigation and analysis employed by the student, it will also ask the student to place his/her work into a larger historiographical context.

Upon successful examination: Upon successful examination, the student will be awarded Departmental Honors provided that he/she is a History major and has a graduating average in all History courses of at least 3.3.

College Honors

Students who have a GPA of at least 3.4 are eligible to apply for permission to undertake an honors research project during their senior year. Additional information is available in the Dean's office.

URECA! (Undergraduate Research Endeavors Competitive Awards)

The purpose of this program is to provide prestigious, competitive awards to outstanding undergraduates who wish to pursue a specific research project under the mentorship of a faculty member. In this way, undergraduates have the opportunity and resources to pursue independent research as well as work closely with active faculty members who are leading scholars in their fields.

Ruth Boelsen Baird Award

The Baird Award was established in 1998 by Mrs. Baird to be used to recognize deserving students in the History Department. Mrs. Baird graduated from UVM in 1942 with a double major in History and Psychology.

This award is given to the out-of-state senior history major with the greatest financial need and the strongest academic record as measured by overall grade point average and grade point average in History courses. The recipient of the award is recognized at the Honors Day ceremonies.

Paul D. Evans Award

The History Department annually recognizes its in-state outstanding graduating senior(s) with the Paul D. Evans Award for Excellence in History at Honors Day ceremonies.  Paul D. Evans had a distinguished career as a professor of history from the 1930s until his retirement in 1972.

This award is given to the in-state senior history major(s) with the strongest academic record as measured by overall grade point average and grade point average in History courses. Consideration is also given to the level of difficulty of the courses taken within the major.

2014 Phi Alpha Theta Induction Group Photo in Memorial Lounge2014 Phi Alpha Theta Ceremony and Induction

Held in Waterman Bldg., Room 338, Memorial Lounge - Monday, April 21, 2014 - 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Phi Alpha Theta - UVM History Department Alpha Alpha Psi Chapter Requirements:

Undergrads: 15 or more UVM earned credit hours (5 classes) in history; 3.6 History GPA (rev. 4/10); 3.4 overall GPA

Graduate students: 15 or more UVM earned credit hours (5 classes) with 3.75 (rev. 4/10) History GPA

Further details are available from our Phi Alpha Theta Advisor, Professor Denise Youngblood. Additional information about the National Honor Society can be obtained at their website.

2014 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees

Andrew Michael Bowen Emily Ann Howe Corina Melissa Pinto
Cole Remington Burton Molly Elizabeth Jacques Phillip Anthony Prahl
Carolyn Ruth Connor Clara Catherine Kelly Tyler David Purinton
Andria G. Cubero Alana Michele Luttinger Timothy Grady Robustelli
Alexandria Christine Feeley Dolph Kathryn Helga Meader Jonathan Stephen Tsoris
Grace Isobel Gilmour Julia Elizabeth Morrow Sarah Virginia Wilds

Previously Inducted Phi Alpha Theta Members Can Be Reviewed By Clicking the Respective Year Link Below:

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