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Once you decide to major in history, you will be assigned (or may choose) a faculty member (with an asterisk after their name) to serve as your advisor. Please see the department chairperson if you have questions about this process.

What does an advisor do?

Think of an advisor as your academic liaison. An advisor is meant to be an approachable faculty member, one who is also skilled in your chosen area of expertise, and who can enhance the student's relationship with the university.

Registration at UVM is done electronically, but advisors can be helpful in selecting courses, as well as explaining the organization and policies of the College and ensuring that you have fulfilled all the requirements you need to graduate.

Wish to switch advisors within the History Department, email us at If your email program is set up, click Contact us.

Declare Your Major or Minor


Thirty-three hours.  These must include one course at the introductory level (below 100), one History Methods course (101), plus nine additional hours at the intermediate level (100), and three hours at the advanced level (200). These thirty-three hours must also include fifteen hours of concentration in one of the departments’ three areas of study (The Americas; Europe; Africa/Asia/Middle East/Global) and six hours in each of the others.  The fifteen-hour concentration must include one course at the intermediate level and one seminar at the advanced level.  (The Americas concentration must include three hours in Canadian or Latin American History.)

Checklist of requirements for history majors

Download and fill out the proper requirements .pdf form below.

If by chance you had started to earn your degree when course sequence requirements were in effect, please see the requirements listed below and confirm with your advisor that these requirements and BA General Distribution Requirements do still apply to your specific situation.

Advising tools

The following will be helpful tools when registering and planning:

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