SMS 2003 and ConfigMgr 2007 Console Extensions

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Build a Custom ConfigMgr 2007 Admin Console

How to build a custom SCCM Admin Console by Kim Oppalfens.

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Ron Pedersen’s SCCM Blog

Great articles and tutorials on SCCM by Ron Pedersen.

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Customized SMS Web Remote Tools

Customized SMS Web Remote Tools created by Ron Crumbaker.
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How to Troubleshoot SMS Administrator Console Connectivity

Microsoft Help & Support – KB317872

SCCM Right Click Tools

SCCM Right-Click Tools

SCCM 2007 – How to Prevent the Client Software from Being Installed on Specific Computers

You can prevent the Configuration manager 2007 client from installing on specific computers when using the client push or software update poing installation methods by editing the Windows registry.

Here is what you need to do:

Start – Run and type regedt32;

Locate SMS_DISCOVERY_DATA_MANATER sub-key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/SMS?Components/

Double-click ExcludeServers key to open the Edit Multi-String Window

Specify the name of each computer you want to exclude. Presee the Enter key after typing each computer name to ensure that each computername appears on separate line.

When a computer is added to the ExccludeServers list, it is flagged in the site database with an installed status which prevents the client from reinstalling. So if you later remove the computer from the list, this flag remains. In order to install the clietn software, you have to clean the install Flag.

(Source: Ying Li at

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 – TechNet

Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM) documentation on TechNet.

ConfigMgr 2007 on Server 2008

The configuration details can be found here:

Using Windows Firewall with Advanced Security management snap-in, enabled the three Windows Management Instrumentation rules:

Windows Management Instrument (ASync-In)
Windows Management Instrument (DCOM-In)
Windows Management Instrument (WMI-In)

Disable Remote Assistance in Vista

You can turn of Remote Assistance in Windows Vista using the steps listed below. You will be unable to send requests for remote assistance to other users.

1. Click Start, and select Control Panel.
2. Within the Control Panel, System and Maintenance.
3. Click System.
4. From the list of tasks, click Remote Settings.
5. Under Remote Assistance, remove the check beside the option to Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer.
6. Click OK.

(Source: Lockergnome by Diana Huggins)