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Web Publishing Cycle: Move to Web Server

Moving Files to the Web Server (Zoo): Windows

Using sFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer) to Move Files

1. In Windows, open sFTP (if you don't have it, it is available at ). The opening screen will look something like this:

sFTP Opening window

Click on "QuickConnect." When the dialog box appears, type "" for the Host Name, your UVM NetID for the User Name. leave the other boxes as is. Click on "Connect."

sFTP connection dialog box

When prompted, type in your UVM NetID password.

2) The next window should look like this.
Double-click on the "public_html" folder to open it

sFTP - connected to zoo

The files on your computer are displayed on the left, and the files stored in your UVM/Zoo account are on the right.
 To publish your files on the web you must put them into a folder named public_html in your UVM/Zoo space.

3) You can create sub-folders in the public_html folder to organise your web space. Click on the "New Folder" icon, then type the name of the folder. IMPORTANT: Don't use spaces in your folder names, and using all lower case letters is a good idea.

Once the folder is named, double click it to open it.

sftp - create new folder

4. Now let's move a file. Drag a file from the local computer and drop it in your Zoo folder. In this example I am moving a file named assignment2.html into my new, empty sub-folder.

sftp - drag and drop a file

sFTP makes a copy of the file in the Zoo pane and leaves a copy of the file in its original location.

sftp-copy of file

That's it! You've moved your file to Zoo and it is now published on the Web!

To see if it worked, go to the next section of the tutorial:

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