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Publish Web Pages at UVM Tutorial: Your Zoo Account

Check Your Zoo Account

As a UVM student, faculty, or staff member you should automatically receive a UVM Net/Zoo account. If you do not have an active account, you can activate it here .

You should also have a special folder named 'public_html' already set up in that account for publishing web pages. Make sure you have this folder and that it is ready by checking your web address.

Your web address is composed of http:// followed by the UVM web server's name,, followed by a slash ('/) a tilde (~) and your account name (usually your first initial and the first seven letters of your last name, also known as your 'UVM NetID' or 'username'. For example, if your name is Abraham Lincoln, your UVM web address would be:

Note that the address is all lower case.

Point your browser to your web address (type the address into your browser's URL or address box at the top of the browser window). If you see a web page that you had already created or a page that says 'Index of ~your-UVM-NetID ' then you are all set.

If you do not, here's what to do:

1) Start up SSH Secure File Transfer (Windows) or Fugu  or Fetch (Mac)

2) Connect to, login with your NetID and password.

3) Look for a folder named public_html. If you do not see it, find the "New Folder" icon and create a new folder in your zoo window (usually the right-hand window, with your account name on it). Name the folder public_html, all lower case, with an underscore character, and no spaces.

Now you need to make that folder accessible to the web:
  • In Windows sFTP:
    • right click on the new public_html folder
    • choose "properties" from the pop-up menu
    • check all the boxes for "Read" and "Execute"
    • Make sure the only box checked for "Write" is the Owner's box

  • In Mac Fugu:
    • click once on the public_html folder
    • click the "Info" icon
    • in the pop-up menu, click the "Remote" button and the "Permissions" button
    • check all the boxes for "Read" and "Execute"
    • make sure the only box checked for "Write" is the Owner's box
Your zoo account is now ready for publishing web pages.

Problems with any of these steps? The (6-2604) can help!

Copyright/created/updated: Hope Greenberg/June 1996/January 2004

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