Teaching in Context: Improving Student Participation

How do you encourage student participation in your courses?

  • participation is impacted by the technology of the classroom: chairs that don't move!
  • relating personal experience, posing questions, is e-mail too impersonal?
  • use a variety of formats, including web, small groups by topic
  • bulletin boards to augment class discussion: student led
  • stick and carrot? require for grade?
  • if the room doesn't work, move!
  • variety of teachers
  • collaborative groups - what skills are needed?
  • meaningful from student point of view
  • active practice
  • building a framework for learning
  • choose presentations that match individual learning styles, give presentations in class
  • building relationships
  • focus on process
  • in class writing to open up discussion
  • discussion based on assignments
  • use e-mail to comment on labs/ assignments
  • have student ask a question about the topic
  • we can talk well on things about which we have strong opinions
  • level of participation is situational
  • provide alternative ways to participate based on student style/comfort level
  • group administered/graded quizzes
  • how do you judge the quality of participation?
  • potential for role-playing
  • have students design own projects: present to class with varied media
  • get out of the classroom
  • don't feel guilty for straying from the proscribed path

Last modified: 13January 1999 -- HGreenberg
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